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Using Cracked Pipes

Is your loved one behaving in a way that you’ve never seen before? Or maybe you suspect that your close friend or family member is into substance abuse? Either way, it is in your best interest that you gather first-hand information regarding their behavior change, rather than speculating things.  After all, you want nothing but the best for a loved one. 

Among the most widely abused substance that you need to be wary of is crack cocaine. If you find your lover or child in possession of glass crack pipes, then there is reason to worry. And it is easy to see why since crack happens to be incredibly addictive. In this article, we will take you through some of the signs of crack cocaine use. Read on to find out more. 

  • Burst of Energy

Since crack happens to be a central nervous system stimulant, one of the immediate effects of smoking is a burst of energy. The moment an individual smokes crack, it automatically speeds up the functioning of the body.  Well, this is visibly clear with the change in blood pressure and heartbeat. 

While under the influence, a person can do more due to the excess energy from the crack.  No wonder most individuals battling crack addiction take more and more to stay high for longer periods.  If you notice an excessive burst of energy on the part of your loved ones, do not hesitate to find out if they smoke crack. 

  • Physical Signs 

At times, you only have to keep a close eye on your loved one to tell whether they smoke crack. That’s why you need to be aware of the physical signs that come from the use of crack cocaine.  Some of the most notable signs to watch out for include dilated pupils, nosebleed, restlessness, and muscle twitches. 

If this is not enough, you may notice burns on their fingers. The same is to be said of their lips as it tends to be blistered or burned from smoking a freebase pipe. However, you should remember that it is never easy to tell how long a person has been using crack, even if you notice some of these physical signs.  Either way, any sign that your loved one is using crack cocaine is a huge cause of concern. 

The Bottom Line

Whereas some people may not see anything wrong when their loved ones start using crack, it might end up impacting your life sooner or later. Rather than keeping your cool and playing low, why not offer a helping hand to ensure they overcome the crack addiction problem. The good news is that you can always seek assistance from a medical professional or addiction specialist to fight off the issues. 

But before you take this route, be sure to have a word with your loved one regarding their addiction problem. You want the decision to start a new life to come from them rather than make it seem like they must do what you want. Through this action, your loved one can be fully committed to achieving sobriety.

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