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To have a little one in your life fills your life with joy, happiness, and laughter. You can feel it in your core that you have a new purpose in your life to look forward to every day. But it’s all not a piece of cake every time, as it comes with a lot of hidden responsibilities and lifestyle changes, to begin with. Some of the couples even go through a lot of struggle before conception as they are unable to conceive naturally. There has been a steady rise in people dealing with infertility and every 6th couple is dealing with infertility issues. So there are many different solutions and one of them is IVF With Donor Egg Treatment.

If you have tried all the modern treatments and are still unable to conceive and are looking for a trustworthy hospital with a high success rate, you must try Aastha Fertility care which is the best IVF center in Jaipur. The IVf center is known for the emotional and physical support and the caring and nurturing environment they provide to their patients. They have treated most of the infertility cases with the help of IVF treatments as they specialize in IVF treatments. Dr. Namita Kotia is the IVF specialist for iVF with donor eggs and one of the chief founders of the hospital who is constantly guiding and assisting the team of doctors and is bringing smiles to their patients as she gives the gift of parenthood to them. 

When do IVF Treatment Need Donor Eggs-

Most of the IVF procedures are conducted by retrieving the eggs of the mother nature and then fertilizing them with the sperm in a laboratory. But there are some conditions when the eggs of the mother might not be of good quality and can’t be used for a process to be successful. In such conditions eggs of a young female is used who are generally between 18-35 years of age and is physically fit with no genetic defects in the eggs.  Some of the situations in which egg donors are needed are mentioned below-

  1. a) If the patient had her ovaries removed due to past medical issues or other reasons.
  2. b) The patient had suffered from cancer in the past, and the treatment damaged the ovaries of the patient.
  3. c) The patient is above 45 and produces very few low-quality eggs.
  4. d)  If a patient has gone through recurrent miscarriages.
  5. e) The patient is suffering from genetic disorders.
  6. f) The patient has been on infertility drugs or has used IVF earlier which was unsuccessful. 

How is the IVF With Donor Egg Process Done Step by Step?

The ivf with donor egg treatment process is simple, and the eggs which are used in the procedure are not given by the mother of the child but by a female general in the age of 18-35 years who is in her fertile years, which may be a friend, family member or a random female. 

If one wants the eggs from an unknown female, they can find them in the egg banks of a fertility clinic where the donor eggs are frozen for IVF processes or can take it from an egg donation agency. 

The eggs can be chosen and screened according to the personal preferences of a woman with the preferred educational qualifications, economic background, and occupation.

If the fresh eggs are taken from a woman then the reproductive cycles of both the women are synced using medications. 

The eggs produced are directly taken to fertilize with the sperm using the IVF procedure. 

In the meantime, the woman who is boring the child is given medications so that her womb is prepared to take the embryo.  

The embryos which are produced are transferred back to the womb as done in basic IVF treatment. Not more than two embryos are transferred back to the womb at a single point in time. 

A few another way known as GIFT is used in which the donor sperm and the donor eggs are transferred together to the womb before fertilization takes place. 

What is the Success of IVF With Donor Egg Treatment With Age?

The success of the ivf with the donor egg process is dependent on the quality of the eggs donated by the donor; the quality of the embryo formed the number of embryos transferred, the health and mental condition of the receiver, etc. For the age up to 42 the donor eggs, IVF success rate of a healthy pregnancy is 50% using donor eggs, while for the ages between 42-45 the chances are around 30-45%. And for the woman above 50 or a woman who has attained her menopause the chances are feeble or rare. It is generally advised by IVf specialist to go through a full medical examination for a woman who wants to conceive after menopause with the help of donor eggs. 

Why Choose Aastha Fertility care?

The IVF center was established in the year 2005, and for 16 years they have been working hard day and night to help people dealing with infertility. The IVF clinic specializes in all sorts of IVF treatments and offers various packages for IVF cycles. IVF with donor eggs cost at Aastha Fertility care is extremely affordable and is 3000$ for all the foreigners, while it is around 80,000INR for all the native citizens for the first cycle of the process. The IVf hospital has mostly delivered positive results and has a success rate of 90%. They have always managed to satisfy their patients with their stupendous results. A lot of real-time stories and experiences of the patients can be read in the testimonials section of their official website, where they joyfully praise the hospital and the staff for their services. 

IVF With Donor Egg Treatment

“ Shashi, a patient of the clinic from Jaipur, is extremely happy and thankful Dr. Namita Kotia and her team, as she could conceive at 40 and give birth to a healthy baby girl and experience motherhood.” 

One can book an online counseling session with the highly experienced team of doctors, for discussing their infertility issues or can directly walk down to the hospital campus situated in C- Scheme, Jaipur. For getting more information about the hospital, services provided by them, the different packages they offer one can log on to their official website  and book their appointment with the best IVF center in Jaipur, today.

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