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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

 – John Quincy Adams

The foundation of the military is made up of passionate, driven people for whom tenacity and unshakable dedication are not only qualities, but requirements. Serving in the military requires people to have a sense of duty that surpasses personal interests, as they strive to overcome obstacles with a spirit of dedication and tenacity. In order to overcome hardship, maintain discipline, and complete missions successfully, troops in the military need to possess a great deal of energy and willpower. The energy and will of military personnel are essential to the efficiency and preparedness of the armed forces, whether they are serving in the field or in headquarters.

Though many people view military duty as the most significant period of their lives, it is actually only a small part of a longer journey that offers numerous chances for personal development and discovery. There are countless opportunities just waiting to be discovered by those with the guts and foresight to go after them, just outside the regimented walls of military life. People like Jim Droskinis discover new paths to both career and personal fulfillment as they leave the rigid confines of the military and enter the unbounded world of civilian life.

The life story of Jim Droskinis serves as an example of both the transformational potential of military service and the limitless possibilities that lie beyond its walls. Resilience, leadership and a commitment to duty characterized Droskinis’ military career as a former Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. He had a variety of command and staff positions during his 23-year stay, making a substantial contribution to combat operations and receiving praise for his excellent service.

But Droskinis’ adventure did not come to an end when he left the army. Rather, it signaled the start of an exciting new chapter full of varied options and endeavors. After making a smooth transition to civilian life, he entered the defense contracting industry, where his knowledge and abilities as a leader grew. Droskinis was instrumental in promoting expansion and improved operational effectiveness while holding top management positions at the Ginn Group, Vose Technical Systems (VTS) and other multimillion-dollar businesses.

Droskinis’ life is an example of the value of curiosity and pursuing one’s hobbies, even outside of his business ventures. His passion for race cars is motivated by an unquenchable need for speed, accuracy, and adrenaline. It’s an enthusiasm that goes beyond simple interest in technology and embodies a profound respect for driving as an artistic endeavor. There’s a thrill and a resolve to push boundaries with every turn and crank of the engine. The essence is in seizing the excitement of rivalry, striving for excellence, and the friendship among like-minded individuals. A race car enthusiast’s spirit is an indomitable drive that propels them to pursue their goals and take on the next challenge with unflinching enthusiasm, whether they are in the garage or on the track. 

Even more astonishing is the fact that, in addition to the exciting experiences that a race car fan can only have, he also has a strong love for reading and is a published author. It demonstrates how he has welcomed a variety of hobbies and experiences, enhancing his life outside of the military. During the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA, Droskinis escorted a few celebrities, including country artist, Faith Hill. His involvement in charitable organizations, devotion to his family, and commitment to community service all highlight his complex nature and unshakeable spirit.

Jim Droskinis’ story of success in the civilian world after serving in the military essentially represents the boundless opportunities that lie ahead for those who dare to dream big and pursue their goals with zeal and tenacity. His life serves as a reminder that although military service can mold a person’s character, it is merely the start of a greater journey full of limitless chances for personal development, contentment, and giving back to the community.

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