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Jotaro’s hat is a white headband with the words ‘White Rabbit’ embroidered in red. These are often confused for each other, but they are not identical.

It’s orange, black and white, and of course he has an orange tail. The outline of the headband, however, is different. In this particular example, it was not embroidered with the words, and the words were on a white background.

There are many versions of the Jotaro hat in Mariah Rowan’s story, with different designs and colours. However, the two main variants are discussed below.

Jotaro’s hat has been described as a black headband with the words, ‘White Rabbit’, and then the outline of a hat with a red tail in the middle. However, the image has been manipulated and now it looks more like a white jockstrap.

Mariah Rowan explains that these were the designs she wanted to make her hat. She used the name ‘White Rabbit’ as a reference point but chose other items instead to complete the design.

One of the main differences between the white stripe and the maroon colour is that in the first design, the maroon represents evil. In the second, the white stripes represent the good side.

If the images had been different, the white stripe would have represented the good, whereas the maroon stripes represent the bad. This choice was made by Rowan as part of the theme of the story, to distinguish the good from the bad.

The white stripe is still one of the most recognisable elements of the character and one of the reasons why it’s so difficult to draw him in white without it looking strange. The maroon stripe gives his tail a more dark and sinister appearance.

Another design that Jotaro used in the story is a black headband with the words, ‘Pink Rabbit’. Although the main design of the hat was a white one, it’s pink headband makes it look like a regular black headband with some extra details.

As with the pink headband, the main design element is the maroon colour and the white outline. The design was created to give a more natural look to the character, although it still doesn’t quite achieve the amount of black and white detail the two hats have.

In the story, the only character that uses a white headband is Jotaro. The rest use a black headband with the red white stripe.

In this context, the word ‘Jotaro’ refers to the black headband, and ‘White Rabbit’ refers to the white one. They are not interchangeable, but people can be confused by using the two designs together.

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