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We have lived in Las Vegas since our childhood. Many people think that life in Las Vegas is chilling and does not have any pressure of living. Yes, we are enjoying the middy cloud but I have the desire to tour Tampa and Washington D.C. For the trip, I called the Allegiant airlines Booking team for scheduling my trip. The travel agent informed me that they operate flight service in both the destinations. So, I booked a ticket to Tampa and if I get an ample amount of time then I will plan my next tour to the place of Economy Washington D.C.

I was super excited as the Allegiant airlines Booking team offered me massive discounts and a free coupon which I can use for future journeys with Allegiant Airlines.


You can not enter a plane with a flight ticket that you must hold a boarding pass. The check-in procedure involves the details of the seat, the departure times and the gates for the boarding pass. As a guideline, you will be at the airport for at least 2 hours for domestic flights until the scheduled departure date. Passengers with boarding passes are also allowed in the security check. You will also check in electronically or through check- kiosks, although, even before check-in at the airport, certain airlines often allow you to check in to avoid excessive charges. The check-in process was mild and I enjoyed the check-in process. If you wish you can complete check-in at home by using online portals. I collected my boarding pass and headed directly to the gate. I handed over the boarding pass to the crew member and he helped me a lot throughout the flight. also read: spirit airlines change flight

After my flight arrived I took a cab to my hotel and went for a long nap. On the next day with a fresh mind, I started my journey of beautiful places in Tampa.

Henry B Plant Museum

The B Plant Museum in Henry is a fantastic Gothic building with Moorish features. The Henry B. Plant Museum remembers the history and significance of the hotel in Tampa and Florida. The sections, such as the Grand Building, the reading, and writing portion and the garden portion have an outstanding architecture that provides a summary of Henry B. Plant’s lifestyles. The plant is a skilled gardener who employs a well-established landscape designer in the city with its stunning tropical gardens.

A visit to Big Cat Rescue

Rescue Big Cat is a neglected and discarded animal refuge for large animals. This has more than 60 creatures, including lions, leopards, cooks, caracals, bobcats, lycée and other birds, and is a non-profit organization. During the tourists at the shelter, they can hear about the animals ‘safety and recovery. Like the zoo, tourists can enter the Shrine only through a guided tour, which is booked in advance, and because of its reputation, it is advised to schedule well in advance. The main aim of the rescue organization is to avoid the large cat trade, which ends in a horrific condition with all of these beautiful animals.

Lowry Park

A road pool with three wetlands is now accessible to help nearby manatees that are disabled or sick. The guests will meet any of the inhabitants of the zoo with chances for “backstage” feeding on tortoises and penguins. Asian elephants, Asian penguins, Florida panthers, Bornean Orangutans are common tenants at the zoo. The park still provides many trips including an African forest safari, a tiny rail ride, and a family-friendly roller coaster.

Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center

The manatee is drawn by the warm water given by the plant and is sometimes seen in large numbers. Although this shrine seems like a strange location, it is opposite a Tampa power station. Their existence becomes more noticeable when the surface temperatures are cold and sometimes less than 68 ° C. Visitors can visit a shoreline of flowers, birds, butterfly gardens, and manatee habitat.

Busch Gardens

There are various interesting activities to do in the park, including swings by kiddy and wind, but Busch Gardens is most popular as it’s the most thrilling roller coasters. Busch Gardens have many ticket choices, including park-intensive passes and bundles. The Busch Gardens is a 335-acre family amusement and an adventure park with a broad variety of wild animals and exciting attractions, live music, performances, and wildlife. Visitors will safari on the plains to see animals grassing with reproductions from African villagers and settlements, and one of the more common alternatives is the Serengeti Night Safari. Several animal meetings are also open, including feeding kangaroos and giraffes; seeing park workers at Animal Treatment Center, listening to their patients; and getting next to some of the favorites, including the sluggish mountains and flamingos.

Tampa Theatre

On the last day in Tampa. I actually went to one of Tampa’s old theaters. The Tampa Theater was built in 1926 and is a luxurious movie theater with a rare design blend of Spanish, Byzantine and Greek Renaissances. Seeing a movie in this house, though you can see both recent and old films here, is a perfect opportunity to feel as if you have traveled back to an earlier day. It constantly shows modern and vintage films, specialized concerts and programs.

My trip to Tampa ends here. I was happy with the hospitality and rated this place 10 out of 10. I booked my return ticket with the help of the reservation team by calling in Allegiant airlines Booking toll-free number +1-855-635-3038. They booked my ticket within 5 minutes and gave me 30% discounts. I will suggest everyone plan a trip to Tampa with the Allegiant airlines Booking team and grab huge discounts without compromising comfort.

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