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Acting is a unique talent and isn’t for the faint-hearted. And I presume you can relate to my sentiments if you’re an aspiring actor. Nevertheless, your passion and determination determine your success in the film industry.  What’s more, having a role model is vital, and many aspiring actors look up to Julian Brand; he’s a young actor and producer who has risen to great heights in his career. He began his film career back in his early school days and has transitioned to audition for more prominent roles, for instance, his role in Harry Potter (2001) at age 11.

At a tender age, Julian Brand actor wasn’t your typical kind of student; his passion for acting is evident in middle school where he played different roles in various school plays. One of his popular performances would be Tommy in The Music Man. 

The story revolves around a con man Harold Hill, who poses as a boys’ band organizer and sells band instruments and uniforms to unsuspecting folks and vows to train them on the new band. It took the help of Tommy for Harold to sign up all the boys in town in his band.

It didn’t end there, though! Julian’s love for film is evident in his college life, where he continued acting while undertaking his undergraduate studies. He appeared in various cinematic parts and 50 credits in independent films while still a student.

Julian would take any challenging role and would feature in both short and long films. For instance, he starred as Ron in the film Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, released in 2011. In 2013, Julian was back with a bang, playing Roy in Bonnie & Clyde: Justified. Again, he made an appearance in award-winning Dark Comedy-Drama The Wolf of W.

 One of his most recent roles was Tyler in Blue Heart (2019). This uniquely portrays his magnetic energy and humble appreciation for any role presented to him. Julian delights his audience with a perfect blend of emotions and an exceptional display of his unique character. Surprisingly, he never ceases to keep improving his tact. He strives to become better each day and draws his motivation from other pacesetters in the industry.

Julian regards actor Jack Nicholson as one of his major influences. And this is due to his creative nature and industry adaptability. He also mentions Paul Thomas Anderson and the Coen Brothers as key influences regarding experimentation, unique voices, and filmmaking heritage.

Julian is a go-getter whose major goal is to produce his own unique mark in film, despite all his influences. What dives him? Julian attributes his success to his kind and style of acting and aspires to capture the most unique and raw moments to become a flawless actor. He is a star in the making and is someone worth watching in Hollywood and beyond.

 Julian is also a movie reviewer who gives an unbiased review and tells it as it is. He has since reviewed different movies and is keen on every tiny detail of any movie or series that he watches. This enables him to give the best critique while being unbiased.

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