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Juvederm VolbellaJuvederm Volbella vs. Plumping Gloss

If you are looking to enhance your lips, there are two popular ways you may want to look at. One involves an injection and one is non-invasive. Join us as we explore Juvederm Volbella and plumping gloss.

Juvederm Volbella

Juvederm Volbella is an injection that makes your lips look fuller while subtly softening any wrinkles around your mouth. Where this injection differs from others is the size of the hyaluronic acid particles. Since the particles are smaller, practitioners can be more precise when treating someone’s lips with Volbella. Experts say the procedure is pretty painless and only takes fifteen minutes to half an hour. 

After getting this injection, it is recommended that patients avoid hard exercise, direct exposure to the sun, and alcohol. Some lip balms have SPF in them, so you can consider buying a tube if you get this procedure done. It is beneficial to have SPF in your lip balm regardless, so it would be a worthwhile purchase.

Do not worry about your lips looking overdone or “blown up” when it comes to this injection. As mentioned before, the particles are smaller which offers a more subtle look. Yes, your lips will look fuller, but nothing on your face will look unnatural. You can consult with the technician before the procedure to clarify what you want to look like.

Many technicians have software that can take a “before” photo of the desired area and manipulate it to show an “after” effect that you are pleased with. The technician will then use that as a guide. The nice thing about lip fillers is that they dissolve after about three months. If you decide that lip fillers are not for you, that is completely okay because they are not permanent.

People tend to be satisfied with their fillers, however, and often return for appointments once the filler has dissolved. This is a great, minimally invasive way to make your lips look fuller for an extended period of time.

Plumping Gloss

If you are hesitant about  lip injections, that’s completely okay. You can still achieve plumper lips by springing for a lip plumping gloss. Many makeup brands have their own version these days. The idea behind these glosses is to irritate your lips slightly to make them plump up. This effect can last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour without reapplication; it depends on how much you are moving your mouth.

The “irritating” sensation is nothing more than tingling, but people should definitely go into their plumping gloss journey expecting it. Otherwise they are in for a sour surprise! A gloss will obviously not make your lips as plump as getting them injected, but it still does the job well. Your lips will be shiny and full. 

Differing from injections, of course, is how long the effects of the gloss last. You will have to frequently reapply the gloss as opposed to the three months of the filler lasting. Also, if you aren’t generally a fan of having glossy lips, this product will not work for you at all. It may be hard for you to achieve the look you want with just plumping gloss if you have something specific in mind.

That being said, the gloss is extremely convenient and you can go back to your natural lips whenever you want. That is a luxury the filler does not offer. Also, the reaction time of your lips to the gloss delivers a plumping effect much faster than the thirty minutes for filler plus post-recovery time. You can also exercise, drink alcohol, and go in direct sunlight if the only thing plumping your lips is the gloss. 


There are definitely trade-offs to each option. Here are things you can consider when debating what is best for you:

  • Cost
  • How long does the product last?
  • Pain
  • Results
  • Are there any pre and post care instructions?
  • Simplicity
  • Convenience
  • Overall “look” of the product

The decision should be entirely up to you, but it might help to consult a few loved ones if you are really on the fence. Sometimes it is nice for someone else to take a look at our face and tell us what would work. You could even go to a makeup store and ask a beauty consultant what they think. 

In current society, many people (especially women) feel their lips have to look a certain way. While that is not true and everyone is great just as they are, you cannot deny the pressure people face. Getting these procedures or makeup products could help someone feel better in their own skin and ready to take on the world. The key is not to judge anyone that does this, because as mentioned before, people face a lot of pressure from society.

While beauty standards can be very harmful, we cannot stop people from getting procedures that they want to get done. The most we can do is make sure they are making an informed and safe decision. No one should be made to feel bad about doing any of this. Especially when it comes to lip filler or plumping gloss. These two things are temporary (some more than others) and much more common in society than you would think.

The rise of these fillers and a certain “look” for your lips definitely came from reality TV stars that feel they have to look youthful or present a certain desirable image. Of course, when people see this, they too will want to look that way because it does look good. If someone is going to get a procedure or a certain product, they are trying to achieve a certain look that they already know they want. Don’t try to talk them out of it. It is completely normal to want fuller lips.

In the end, each person will have their own reasons for picking what they do. Some may choose to go with neither — opting for a different method or deciding not to plump their lips at all.

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