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K2 Leaf

K2 herbal incense blends from provide a legal and invigorating smoking experience. Their products fuse natural herbs and botanicals to create aromatic blends with unique effects. Tumblweed carries an extensive selection of K2 leaf products to suit different preferences. Keep reading for details on the many varieties available and discover your perfect match. Shop now at

K2 Standard

The K2 Standard blend lives up to its name as the original K2 leaf product that started it all. This signature mixture contains herbs like Bay Bean, Lion’s Tail, and Lobelia inflated for a smooth, mellow smoking experience. The aroma carries hints of woody pine with a touch of floral sweetness. K2 Standard delivers a classic herbal incense experience marijuana smokers love. It’s a foundational blend to start with.

K2 Blue

For those seeking a more intense herbal experience, K2 Blue takes effects up a notch. This invigorating blend adds extracts like Indian Warrior, Honeyweed, and Dwarf Skullcap to the natural base. Notes of fresh cedar pair with rich nutty undertones. The Blue variety introduces deeper relaxation to open the senses before winding down. Let K2 Blue broaden your perspective.

K2 Summit

Reach new heights with K2’s Summit variety. Their proprietary mixture utilizes natural Damiana leaf, Passion Flower, and Ginseng for airy, uplifting effects. Floral top notes meet an earthy base to inspire a dreamlike state. Use K2 Summit to elevate the mood and expand creativity. This blend stimulates new planes untapped by other products.

K2 Blonde 

For those who prefer a smoother, lighter smoking experience, K2 Blonde hits the spot. They remove the Blue-specific botanicals for an herbal blend free of heaviness. Notes of citrus and herbs create a bright, sunny profile. K2 Blonde brings playful positivity sans the weight. It’s an anytime option for fledgling or casual smokers.

K2 Citron

Experience an explosion of zesty citrus bliss with K2 Citron. This variety adds sun-ripened lemon and orange peel along with lemongrass to the classic base. The tart, fruity overtones spark the senses. K2 Citron provides a sunshiny state of mind. Let the summer vibes flow year-round with this bright blend.

K2 Cosmic

Embark on an immersive sensory experience with K2 Cosmic. This dream-inspired blend utilizes calming Chamomile, passion-inducing Damiana, and perception-shifting Blue Lotus. Subtle herbal notes allow the transportive effects to shine. K2 Cosmic stretches consciousness beyond the mundane for profound contemplation. Feel the cosmos open through smoke.

K2 Pineapple Express

For those craving a tropical island getaway, K2 Pineapple Express delivers. This summery mixture adds sweet Pineapple Sage and zesty Citronella to the base for a fruity explosion of flavor. Hints of pineapple and mango dance across the palate. K2 Pineapple Express whisks you away to a sunny state of mind with each puff. The essence of vacation awaits.

K2 Strawberry

Indulge your sweet tooth without the calories or guilt thanks to K2 Strawberry. This delectable blend infuses the base herbs with juicy Strawberry leaf for notes of ripe berry nectar. Each smooth draw delights the senses. K2 Strawberry produces a lighthearted headspace flush with the joys of summer. Fruit lovers rejoice!


Tumblweed offers an extensive selection of K2 leaf products to suit every taste and desired effect. Their natural blends fuse botanicals and extracts to create amazing aromas and experiences. Shop now their entire collection of K2 herbal incense online now at to explore your new favorite.

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