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Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy on the controversy surrounding Bollywood hot actress hot   Sunny Leone’s NewYear event said that she should do Bharatanatyam.   Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy on the controversy surrounding Bollywood actor Sunny Leone’s NewYear event said that she should do Bharatanatyam. Earlier,  the Karnataka government had decided on Friday that Bollywood actress Sunny Leone will not be allowed to do the program anywhere on the eve of (New year 2018) in the state and anywhere in the state. This decision has been taken in view of the protest of Kannada organizations. Eve performance starring actor Sunny Leone in Bengaluru after Right-wing groups protested against it and called it an “assault” on the state’s culture. For the past one week, members of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike and some other organisations have been agitating in the city, taking out rallies and burning effigies of Sunny Leone. “I have instructed (authorities) not to allow such events. Don’t bring her (Leone) here. People are opposed to the event. Let them (organisers) organise events related to Kannada culture and literature, which is our heritage,” Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy said.   There is a wrong news spreading. The people who are protesting saying it is some nanga naach (nude dance), but mine is an event for families. This is the only event where Kannada rappers will also perform. I am a Kannadiga myself,” said MS Harish, managing director of event management company The Time Creations. sunny leone new year event organizer said Sunny Leone was to perform on a Bollywood remix and Kannada song Sesamma — starring Leone — from the 2015 movie DK. She was also supposed to cut the cake after the countdown to the New Year, he said. Ironically, Sesamma is a song about a woman complaining that the government had restricted her entry and imposed a curfew in the city. To this, her co-performer in the song replies that he would “bring down the government”. “I have already invested Rs 2 to 3 crore in the event. Police have denied permission without knowing anything about the show. They haven’t given anything in writing yet, just informed me orally. But I will try to meet the (Karnataka) Home Minister and Police Commissioner to let the event go through,” Harish said. According to media reports, organizers can get the approval of the event, but some conditions have been laid for this. Ramalinga has said, ‘I had given order the commissioner not to allow the event. Organizers can get the approval of the event if Sunny do a cultural program or Bharatanatyam type of dance in the eve of the new year. ” earlier this year Sunny Leone was in trouble again. due to hoarding of a condom company sending out a ‘Play safe’ message, Navratri festivities in Gujarat, with Sunny’s picture on it, has led to protests in the state by various saffron groups. watch sunny leone hot song video ]]>

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