Thu. May 30th, 2024

Most people get sick by carrying germ left on something they do not like. Especially during the pandemic, there is a great possibility of being infected by viruses and bacteria if without enough attention to hand hygiene. The truth is that people have habitually used soap to wash their hands away from bacteria in the past year. And you can find all kinds of hand sanitizers everywhere from office buildings to shopping malls, some of which dispense soap by pressing pumps manually or automatically. The automatic soap dispenser has built-in infrared sensors that can detect when the user’s hand is underneath. Thus, it is likely for you to keep away from bacteria without touching the soap dispenser and effectively prevent cross-infection of the virus.

The heat of the automatic soap dispenser, in the past year, is getting higher and higher with the penetration of “non-contact mode” and “COVID-19” into people’s lives. Various soap dispensers compete for market share in this segment. However, the SVAVO soap dispenser stands out for its simplicity but sophistication among the competitors. SVAVO also began to catch the eyes of consumers quickly, occupying more and more shares in the hearts of consumers. 

In this article, we will discuss how SVAVO automatic soap dispenser sticks out from the crowd, and how does it keep you a healthy corporate image.

Simple but sophisticated is the byword of SVAVO. The fashionable and attractive automatic soap dispenser satisfies your simple decorating style and adds a sense of modernity to any place. This means that you can leave a professional and healthy corporate image to your consumers by using these new soap dispensers. In fact, these details really matter. 

SVAVO automatic soap dispenser also brings you a more fantastic experience of intelligence. The LED indicator on the surface of the product can guide you to operate the equipment better by flashing different colors without being at a loss when you find that the equipment doesn’t work.

The durable transparent plastic case allows you to avoid falling and damaging it and their systematic designs are to last for quite a long time. Besides, the one liter of large capacity space makes SVAVO automatic soap dispenser serve for a large crowd of users without manual care. It is the best choice of hand hygiene solutions for airports, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals, and other places with a large flow of people.

There is still natural cost-effectiveness of disposing of SVAVO automatic soap dispensers in your places that they can save money to the greatest extent. Because these non-contact systems can automatically dispense the right amount of soap to the user to wash their hands. Less soap will be wasted, and money can be saved compared with the soap dispenser that needs pressing the pump manually. It’s priceless whether it’s at home or in the business environment.

Keep health from germ by using automatic soap dispenser is regulated as a trend of quick, easy, and effective way to protect people from sick by most businesses. Trusted by many public health stations around the world, SVAVO is an emerging brand in the industry and one of the well-known providers of public sanitation solutions. Therefore, if you are looking for a soap dispenser for your business environment that will not collapse due to frequent use, SVAVO will provide you with their latest and most proud product – wall mounted automatic soap dispenser OS-0410. I believe you will benefit from its fashionable design and powerful functions to build a healthy and modern corporate image.

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