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Coffee is part and parcel of our day to day life. It’s hard to believe there will be a person who never heard of coffee in this planet. Hardly some don’t like this beautiful drink. We don’t need much more than a cup of steaming coffee with an intense aroma and dark flavor the cheer up for the day. Now there are hundreds of varieties of coffee available worldwide. Depending on the coffee beans’ quality, texture, and making process, the coffee trend is never out of fashion. Expresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, black, and raw are the most famous coffee varieties available in the stock market. There is some exclusive coffee made by fermentation in animal digestive juices before making coffee from scratch. Collecting the beans, grinding them, and making hot smoking coffee, every step needs physical labor. But to beat the schedule and comply with the increasing demand nowadays, most coffee houses and homes use coffee makers. If you need the first coffee of the day to be fresh and hygienic, there is no alternative to taking care of the coffee machine. So, here in this article, we will be giving some maintenance tips for taking care of your coffee machine.

Coffee Machine Care Tips

Make sure to wipe off the steam particulates from the coffee maker because the moisture can get into the machine and harm it or cause a breakdown. Wipe the surface and the service heads each time before serving. Because the oil, leftover coffee from past serving, or dust can make the coffee unhygienic. Make sure to use a clean towel to wipe and change the napkin twice or thrice a day. It would be best if you cleaned the napkin with soap or detergent in boiling water. If the process seems too tiresome to you, you may use a dish cleaner with disposable kitchen tissue. Do a complete back flash using the cleaning brush or hose to clean the service heads at least once a week. Always check the water quality. In case you have a high mineral density water, then the steamer and steam pipe can have calcification. Better to rinse it off properly. Otherwise, the coffee won’t brew properly, and the taste won’t be satisfying.

Washing off the drainage hose, drip tray, and portafilters is a daily need. Other than these, changing the steam machine every six months gives better result and taste. It’s also necessary to maintain hygiene in cafes and more significant settings. For a home setting once in a year, change might be acceptable. Also, the anti-suction valve, brew actuator needs yearly change. Anything that doesn’t work correctly needs immediate attention.

Almost all the companies provide a user manual with the machine. There they mention the sensitivity and washing manual of the engine too. Choosing washing materials and chemicals according will keep your machine functioning longer. Make sure to replace the smaller parts monthly or yearly. It may seem costly at first. But spending a little to keep your cafe running is worth the investment. The proverb says right that better safe than sorry.


There are several types of coffee machine available for a latte, cappuccinos, and other. But if you are new to the kitchen, then the designed espresso can be the best latte machine for beginners. First, learn to handle the device and get some aroma in the mug because nothing can be better than the day that starts with your partner by side and a hot, aromatic coffee in hand.

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