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Ketamine Therapy: Treating Depression at a Wellness Clinic

Depression is a mental health condition that doesn’t usually show from the outside. Often, a sufferer has to endure the symptoms without seeking help. Unfortunately, depression can become unbearable when left untreated. Symptoms such as sadness and hopelessness can eventually make the sufferer uninterested in activities they used to take part in. And they may also think about taking their own lives.

Since depression can affect the sufferer’s quality of life, treatment can help the person feel themselves again. A lot of kinds of treatments are available including talk therapy and antidepressants. However, sometimes, overcoming depression can be tricky. In this case, the sufferer should visit a redemption wellness clinic to receive treatments like ketamine therapy.  

Understanding Ketamine

Ketamine is used for treating serious cases of depression. They can come in the form of nasal sprays or IV infusion. A medical provider can determine the best option for a patient. By receiving ketamine therapy, a person with depression can have reduced instances of having suicidal and self-harming thoughts. Typically, the effects of the treatment are felt quickly and it can usually take just 1-3 treatment sessions to notice improvements.

Additionally, ketamine therapy also benefits people who experience eating-related symptoms. For people whose depression causes them to lose their appetite, ketamine therapy can help ease this symptom.

Other Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine therapy offers the following benefits:

  • Pain management. A lot of doctors use ketamine for treating chronic pain and complex regional pain syndrome. Such conditions develop due to a significant increase in pain signals the body sends. Ketamine therapy can intervene in this activity by blocking extra pain signals and allowing the body to reboot. 
  • Reduced side effects. Ketamine infusion therapy is found to have minimal side effects. Sometimes, a patient may feel mild, relaxing dissociative effects. Others experience slight nausea; however, a provider can administer medication to minimize or get rid of such side effects,
  • Lasting relief. Typically, a full series of infusions can manage symptoms for up to four months. But some patients can experience longer-lasting relief, particularly if they follow the aftercare plan recommended by their doctor. 
  • Mental breakthroughs. When ketamine is administered in controlled doses over a specific period, the impacts of ketamine may contribute to significant attitudinal shifts and mental breakthroughs for those with mood disorders like depression. The dissociation effects of the therapy may facilitate a state of consciousness or new insights for some patients. 

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