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First things first!

What happens when you are using a device that is no more relevant?

You switch to a new and advanced one so that you can work faster and don’t be irrelevant in the time that you are living! The same is the case with your television! The technologies that drive it are changing and for good.

From the shapes of TVs to technologies in them, televisions of these are smart and ready to enjoy the best of DTH and web content. Let’s know about the thriving best LED TV in India that is driving changes in modern TV technologies. Have a look about the latest technologies that now come with latest TVs.

  • 64K

Resolution in the television has been the key area for improvement that you can see on the TV screen over the years. TV technologies have moved from HD to 4K. It may sound like too much, but leading TV technologies may not have been possible if high definition technology was not available.

The most amazing benefits of 4K TVs are resolutions in their pictures have more sharpness and detail. Compared to an HD TV, the pixel count in a 4K TV is 4 times – meaning more sharpness and detailed picture quality.

  • OLED

You would be amazed to know that just like smartphones; a big battle is on even in the LED panel segment with most evident being OLED vs QLED. LG is the torchbearer of the OLED technology and is supplying OLED panels to brands such as Philips, Sony and Panasonic. The full form of OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode – it employs organic material that glows when power gets passed via them.

OLED lights up individual pixels, and the typical LED displays glows the entire screen. This difference assists to help you access real contrast. It is because it is possible to reproduce true blacks as they can be turned off entirely. OLED TVs are considered 1000 times faster, with no blur issues with fast-moving scenes on your TVs.

  • QLED

QLED is another technology that is taking the resolution and brightness of TVs to another level. To tackle LG’s OLED; Samsung has come up with its QLED technology that sounds similar to OLED. Known as Quantum-dot LEDs, QLEDs are microscopic molecules. When they are hit by incident light, they emit their multi coloured light.

They provide you with incredible light absorbing and capacity to emit, making it great for producing vibrant pictures and also being energy-efficient. QLEDs can provide you with the zenith of the pinnacle with high-quality brightness in the range of 1500 to 2000 nits. In its Q Series, Samsung has recently released QLED models in India.

  • HDR 10

High Dynamic Range or HDR is changing the face of picture quality in televisions these days. HDR expands contrast ratio and colour accuracy. This way, the image’s bright part on your TV screen goes much brighter. As things stand today, HDR 10 is being most frequently used and easily available as it is an open source format like the Android. Most of the HDR Blu ray disks available in the market comprises HDR 10 format.

5)  User Interface

Now you can see that almost all the recently launched smart TVs in India support smartphone connectivity to provide the smooth and seamless user interface so that an individual can enjoy non stop entertainment at their own fingertip. People love the seamless connectivity of these smart TV and like to watch movies and web series after connecting it with their smartphones.

6)  webOS

TVs are getting smarter these days, and you can access digital content that you watch on your smartphone right on your big screen best LED TV in India. webOS is responsible for letting you enjoy internet content on your television.

You can find Tizen and Android Operating System with OS of LG being the best in the business. But Google is working to help its Android OS getting upgrades and enhancements soon.

You are now aware of the leading technologies that are driving modern TVs in India. You can find LG, Samsung, MI TVs as being the best 32 inch smart TV in india that you can buy as per your preferences and budget.

So now are aware of all the changes which are taking place in modern TVs. So these upcoming changes gonna revolutionize the upcoming future TVs and people will love to adopt these awesome connectivity features in the future TVs. These were the few changes that took place in the past few years in TVs.

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