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Thousands of foodies from Australia are going crazy for the spectacular Thai menu of KFC made up of fried chicken in waffle cones, custard egg tarts, and cheesy popcorn. With their KFC delivery, everyone has the chance to satisfy their cravings for these mouthwatering menu offers.

These menu items are not really new to this Southeast Asian country yet the photos of savory meals and desserts that were never seen before have been taking the social media by storm and foods cannot simply get enough of them.

KFC’s exclusive menu includes items not available in Australia, such as the bucket of crispy popcorn chicken with green curry drizzle complete with rice, battered prawn rings, salted egg tarts, small chunks of brownies, and Thai milk tea with ice cream toppings.

A traveler from Sydney said that their Thai KFC experience is truly amazing. Their chicken was crunchier than the version in Australia and their custard tarts are really great that they even had one with each meal.

However, one meal that is setting the internet on fire and is a favorite order for KFC delivery is none other than the popular Chick and Cone. This is a popcorn chicken-filled waffle cone topped with KFC’s signature spicy sauce that you can enjoy for as low as THB59.

Hundreds of people are excited to try this unusual snack as this is basically waffle with fried chicken.

People who want to satisfy their sweet tooth will also surely fall in love with the famous egg custard tarts of KFC priced at THB22 per piece. There is also another savory option made from salted eggs, a famous ingredient often used in many Asian dishes.

One more meal not available in Australia is the bucket of the crispy popcorn chicken that has green curry drizzle and is served on top of a bed of savory rice.

Diners in KFC Thailand and those who place their orders through KFC delivery can also order two-piece crispy chicken with cheesy sauce complete with a drink and fries for only THB99.

There is also an exciting selection of milk-flavored beverages such as the Thai or chocolate milk tea that comes with ice cream and sprinkled with 1000s and 100s along with small brownie priced at THB53.

Chizza is another menu on the item and this is basically chicken topped with melted cheese, herbs, and pizza sauce only costs THB139 for one pack containing three pieces.

Many people called on the fast food chain in Australia to also pick up their game by adding unique items to their menu just like those available in Thailand.

The Aussie foods hope that such menu selections will also happen in Australia where they never get anything that can compare to the Thai menu dishes.

Thanks to the presence of KFC delivery, it is now very much possible for every KFC fan to enjoy and indulge in these one of a kind menu offerings that are exclusively available in Thailand.

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