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In this tech-driven modern era, everybody is influenced by social media, let alone the kids. Social media has taken up so much importance in our lives that the constant urge to stay connected with social media and the people sitting behind the screens is undeniable and unavoidable.


Social media would not want to take all the blame for whatever is happening around, but in the recent few years, it has been the sole culprit behind teen suicides, depression, anxiety, and certain complexes in the teens.


Children are not far away from what adults are facing because of social media. Children today are more prone to all the social media stressors that adults face, and hence the levels of depression and anxiety are similar too.


A complex of being liked and admired by all is something that is greatly seen in both children and adults. Kids these days bring every activity of their daily living on social media, and they want their peers and other people to admire them for their achievements.


These high expectations are one of the most dangerous features of social media. When we set high expectations, we want to see the hyped reaction, and if for some reason things don’t go our way, depression and stress are more likely to take control of the situation.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the world has become a noisy place, thanks to social media, where everyone is speaking about everything. What our kids face these days on social media is nothing less than noise pollution; they listen to all the necessary and unnecessary information from social media, which then leads to stress and depression, the conditions that have become too normal these days.

How To Navigate The Social Media With Your Kids?

Parents should play great emphasis and check and balance to help their children set the boundaries for the noisy world of social media so that social media has little influence on their little ones. This has become a necessary step to save adolescents from the noisy world.

Here are some of the things that you can do to teach your kids how to navigate the social media world;

  • Tell your kids that everything on social media is not true, and teach them to lower their expectations.
  • Ask your children what they learned from social media every day, and let them open up to you.
  • Teach your kids how to maintain a schedule for the screen time and make sure they follow their schedule
  • Reduce your own screen time, make time to share your day with your kids, and ask them to do the same; try to build a stronger connection with your children.
  • Kids look up to you, and parents are the first role models of their adolescents, so make sure to limit your screen time as much as you can.
  • Whenever your kid comes to you to have a conversation, leave everything and have a calm conversation with them, rule out their problems and tell them how to get out of problematic situations.
  • Make a friendly relationship with your kids online; participate in whatever they are doing online. Encourage them if they are doing anything productive on social media.
  • Tell your kids the importance of sports, and take them running with you to have something else to do apart from the social media in their lives.

The more the children use social media, the more they get prone to the harmful effects of social media; as a part, you should consider all the perspectives in order to keep your children away from the harm that social media might have on their pure minds. Try to involve your children in sports like basketball, football, badminton, etc., in their leisure time, so they don’t move to the digital world to spend their free time.

You cannot make your children cut off completely from social media, but you can set the boundaries and tell your children the importance of those boundaries. Make them share everything with you, and if you find them pursuing the wrong track, it is better to handle the situation with care so that next time your kid doesn’t hesitate from sharing their problems with you.

Over To You!

Build a sense of cyber security in your kid; tell them what cyber bullying can be and how to deal with it when they face such a situation. If you teach your kids how to navigate this high contaminant social media world, your kids will never fall into the wrong hands.

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