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unicorn products

Unicorn Products – their quality and variety needs no introduction and have served our interest all through. Though not only in any one place still Unicorn products Australia have outnumbered other countries considerably. These are some favourite gifting items which may be checked out not only by Australians but all.


This is the best gift item you can get for someone. This product not only provides you with fun but also promotes your power of imagination and thinking. After all, making a garden needs his or her imagination to run wild. You need to nicely and appropriately place the pieces around to make it look like a real garden of magical and fairy world.


This is a total entertainment package. Not only does this lovely unicorn hums and make whimsical noises, but it also has a lighting horn. Now can something be better than that!


This is not only for hugging around or for decorating, ever try to glide your hands over the sequins and witness its stunning change of designs.


This is a gift for all. The stickers are not only an attraction for girls but also for boys. There are over 60 fabulous stickers in like almost ten sheets. It has been made with great care, that is, it is toxic-free and safe for the use of children. Moreover, it can be used and removed quickly allowing kids to apply a wide range of stickers. Now get yourself beautifully tattooed according to every upcoming occasion.


Stuffed toys are always foolproof when it comes to gifting a girl. And this Unicorn stuffed are quite giant both in size and demand. After all, who would not want to think of herself in the magical and beautiful of the Unicorn. If it is about gifting a small girl, you can always opt for this.


Grab for this battery operated string of LED lights whenever there is a power cut. This shimmering lights provide a soft glow and appreciably lights up the room. So you can hang this even in a baby’s room and watch him go to sleep gradually.

What more it can easily hang anywhere like a bed, dresser, table, shelf, etc. and it doesn’t even need extra cords. This can be a fantastic gift for those having eyes for home décor.


Now, this pretty lipstick has a reason for its extreme popularity. First, it adds a tinge of moisture to any matte lipstick and secondly the outcome of the colour, which is an amazing lavender colour can be redone over any of your favourite lipstick. Now you can always be it alone too. Girls can’t get enough of this.


This is a power bank designed in the shape of a unicorn. Also, it has a very amazing long-lasting ‘A’ grade battery and compatible with almost all mobile phones. It is a very user-friendly product and can be easily carried to different places. A birthday gift as such would be unique and at the same time desirable.


Among the other popular items, we have the Unicorn Feisty Pet which changes its mood with a pinch in the head, next is Unicorn Battery-Operated LED Light which is used for various purposes, etc. If you have any occasion, nearby Unicorn can give you exactly what you need.

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