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The most popular sports game in Hong Kong is football, followed by rugby union. Recently, more football clubs have come out due to their fondness of the sport, which made youth football clubs in hong kong support kids interested in the game to enhance their skills. 

Football history in HK

Hong Kong Football Club was the first football club founded in 1886, and also known as The Club. It is one of the oldest existing football clubs in Asia. The Challenge Shield was the first football competition in HK, founded in 1898. The format is the same as the FA Challenge Cup in England. 

Way back into the early 20th century, the HK football leagues were founded in 1908. It was the oldest professional league in Asia. Records before World War II were lost, and not many people can recall the old victory of professional football in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Football Association was founded in 1914 and is one of Asia’s oldest football associations. With this inspiring history of the sports game in Hong Kong, more football clubs came out that encourage everyone to take part, including the youth.

Hong Kong Youth League

The youth football clubs in HK aimed to deliver the following:

  • more competitive platform 
  • more training hours 

These are supported with more resources for the youth players to sustainably develop and hope to provide more young players for HK youth representative teams to strike excellent results at the Youth International level.

Meanwhile, it delivers opportunities for the clubs, such as:

Develop own youth teams of different ages

Recruit the best young players

Benefit a sustainable local club development

Provides opportunities for elite youth players to become top local club professional players

Best football lessons for kids in Hong Kong

If you are searching for soccer schools and football academics in HK for kids, you can check youth football clubs in Hong Kong as they have a comprehensive round-up of exceptional training programs for the kids. Football lessons help children with the following:

  • Develop skills
  • Enhance technique
  • Experience the enjoyment

There are various sports classes for toddlers to elite sessions. The HK Football Club offers comprehensive programs that include HKFC Junior Soccer. Toddler sports programs in Hong Kong introduce the youngest athletes to the enjoyment of these sports. Here are the engaging activities that challenge the kids during their soccer lessons:

  • Structured training
  • Friendly matches
  • Tournaments

The football clubs emphasize these three aspects:

  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Personal growth

Enroll your kids to learn from professional coaches and embark on an exciting athletic journey. These are valuable resources that your kids should not miss out on. Unlock the full potential of your children in the most beloved sports in Hong Kong, and even worldwide. Here are more offers for the soccer lessons:

  • Soccer classes in HK for girls only
  • Private coaching
  • Special needs soccer classes

These are the special offers learned from youth football clubs. Enhance the skills of your children while keeping them physically fit, and have an engaging lifestyle. 

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