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With the high connectivity of the internet, the world of streaming movies is getting broader as there are multiple movie streaming websites that come with various ideas and they are providing a lot of features on these websites. Kinogo is one of the similar platforms that provides the service of movie streaming websites, Android apps, YouTube channels as well and some websites. Let’s find the information related to the kinogo website and what are offering on their platform. 

About kinogo biz

About kinogo biz - mynewsfit

The kinogo is a movie streaming website that is in Russian the entire website and available content on kinogo is also in Russian. The last website update was in 2021. Now the website is around three to four years old. As well as the library of this website is very huge. On kinogo users can get the complete collection of hollywood movies in full HD as the movies are also in Russian language.

Also, there are a lot of features on the kinogo with which users can stream movies online in the Russian language. 

Features of kinogo

As this is a streaming website, the users can find many features by that, the task of searching movies becomes easier, they can customize the user interface of the website, and users can update the filter and with the help of the filters users can find their preferred movies.

  • The movie streaming website kinogo also provides multiple servers to stream videos so the users do not face problems related to slow loading or auto change of the video quality. 
  • Sometimes the users face errors while streaming the videos. To resolve this problem they have provided multiple players with streaming, and by following that they can enjoy the movies in very high quality. 
  • Like the other websites kinogo has very less commercials or advertisements by using this website users will not get into any trouble while watching movies or web series. 

User Interface of kinogo

The movie streaming website kinogo has a very simple and smooth website, where they can freely find their favorite movies. Operating this website and watching movies is very simple users can do it just in one click. With multiple filters, kinogo is a very effective website for movie lovers. 


On the website, kinogo users can their favorite movies by genre. On kinogo the available genres are; Biography, Action, Western, Military, Detective, Documentary, Drama, Story, Comedy, Crime, Musical, Adventures, Family, Sport, Thriller, Horror, Fantastic, and Fantasy. 

These are the genres are there on the website as well and users can see the number of available movies in the specific genres. As per their interest, they can find movies related to their genres. 


Users can find the filter related to movies. In this filter, the available filters are Foreign, Russian, 2024,2022, and 2022. By this filter, users can find the content specifically sorted by the filters. 


The web series is also available on the kinogo as well and users can also find the same filter including foreign, Russian, 2024,2022, and 2022. Through these filters, users can enjoy the web series on kinogo. 


Users can find anime and cartoons on kinogo, which are specified in the filters as well and users can see how many movies they can enjoy in this particular filter.

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Other Services of kinogo

This platform is not only limited to the website it also has some other things like an Android app, a YouTube channel, and some different domains of kinogo so users can follow the smooth control of it. 

Android App

On the Play Store users can find an app named kinogo.ge. With this app kinogo.ge users can find movies, music, games, TV shows, books, and magazines. With kinogo.ge application, users can enjoy whatever they want to enjoy. 

Youtube Channel

This is a YouTube channel named Kinogo.geo on this YouTube channel ad has 103 subscribers and this channel has 6 videos. 


  • kinogo.biz: This is the main website of kinogo, which is completely in Russian. 
  • Kinogo.inc: This is another domain category for the same website, users can visit it for the same content. 
  • kinogo.uk: By this domain, users can access the website kinogo in English the content and interface of the website is totally same on the all domain.

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Is kinogo a legal website?

As per the Internet guidelines, the sharing and downloading of any copyrighted content is illegal. As the law is very complicated and can be molded, there are many aspects, and due to that, there are multiple websites that are running. If talk about kinogo this website is based on streaming which is legal but again they are providing copyrighted content. Also, the legal policies of countries are completely different from each other because these websites are running on the internet.

Summing Up

Like many other online free streaming platforms, kinogo is also a movie streaming platform that is dedicated to providing all the hollywood content in the Russian language, and the available movies web series, and anime are in the Russian language.

Apart from this kinogo is also providing an app by which users can stream movies on their phone. On this website, there are very less advertisements on kinogo so while using the platform they will not get any problems like page errors, and slow loading, as well as there are many servers for watching movies that are helpful for the users to smooth browsing.

This website specifically targets the audience who are looking for movies in the Russian language. To fulfill their requirements kinogo provides a lot of content features and options. While using that options a person can enjoy the collection of Hollywood movies on the internet so far. Collectively, kinogo website is the best option who is looking for a website where they can stream hollywood movie in the Russian language.

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