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What is Kisscartoon All About The Website

Kisscartoon is a website that is provided for children to choose a show and cartoons that are available for streaming freely. This website is also used by people for watching animated series along with TV shows that are provided in high quality so the viewers enjoy the streaming clearly and without paying any amount for it along with the features of updation regularly.

History of Kisscartoon Website

Kisscartoon is a free streaming website that is used by the viewer to stream cartoon movies along with animated series was the website launched in the year 2010 and was included in the network Kiss which mainly had many more websites that were used by the viewers for streaming anime content and cartoons free in high quality.

The features of The Kisscartoon Website

Kisscartoon is a website providing animated content and cartoon content for the views along with some features that are fruitful for the users, hence the features are mentioned below:

The features of The Kisscartoon Website

  • Content provided: The content provided on the website is updated daily along with the large variety of content made available so that the user can be chosen by the viewer depending on their choices among the wide range of content that is available on the site. 
  • High-quality audio and video features available: High-quality audio and video are available for the viewers to enjoy the show clearly with high-dimensional video content and clear audio features. 
  • Easy To Use: The website is responsive and quite simple which makes it easy to use for streaming the cartoon and animated series by the customer. Along with this, there is no requirement for registering on the website by the user which also provides the feature of easily used by the customer. 
  • Ad-Free Content: the content available on the website is ad-free and hence the user can enjoy the streaming of the animated content without any disturbances that are caused by the ads. 
  • Fast Speed: The streaming on the website is fast as the speed available is fast and there is no lack of speed on the website making it beneficial for streaming the online content on the website.

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The Information Related to Shutting Down Of The Kisscartoon

Although the Kisscartoon website had many beneficial features that were useful for the viewers it was noticed that the website does not work presently and it was shut down in the year 2017 because it was found that the website was not safe because of malicious links that were available on the website which was stopping the website from being safe for the customer and hence have adware on the website.

Along with this malfunctioning, it was shut down mainly because of the illegal act that the website was following by updating the contents that were copyrighted, hence prohibiting the act of copyright that was passed by the government which led to the shutting down of the website with providing the fact that the website kisscartoon safe was recommended before only by using through virtual private network. 

An alternative to The Kisscartoon Website

Since the website was shut down, alternatives have been used to compensate for the place of the kisscartoon website which is useful for the viewer to stream cartoons and animated content online freely. These are the alternatives that are mentioned below:

KimCartoon: The best-known kisscartoon alternative that has taken a huge place in the market. It is best known for providing the resources to watch the cartoons that have been released recently along with the cartoons that were released previously, providing both old and new cartoon content for free. The quality of videos available in the kisscartoon alternative is also best just like them.

The advantageous feature available in the KimCartoon is the subtitles that are helpful for the user to see the contents available in different languages.

Kissanime: This is also known as the kisscartoon alternative that is used by viewers to watch anime content online by streaming freely. The anime content made available for the user is of a wide variety along with the manga series. On this website, the translations of light novels are also available for the user along with the details related to episodes of the anime series, and the profiles of the characters that had played roles are mentioned.

The advantageous feature available in Kissanime is the availability of the dubbed version of the series that might not be present on any other free streaming anime platform.

Cartooncrazy: The best-known and very popular kisscartoon alternative, Cartooncrazy is known for streaming cartoons and animated shows over the internet. This is the website that is known for providing movies and content related to cartoons and animation for the viewer and along with these, the comics are also made available for the user on the website.

The advantageous feature available in Cartooncrazy is the availability of ad-free content along with perfect streaming of the content without any buffering while watching videos along with this no registration is required by the user.

Many more alternatives were mentioned for the user to stream the cartoons and animation videos online and for free. The other alternatives may include ITVX which is used for streaming free family cartoons online. Along with this, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon are the most known kisscartoon alternatives with many cartoon episodes that are available for free.

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FAQs Related to Kisscartoon

  • Is it possible to download videos from the website?

This website provides a feature for downloading videos and videos are downloaded easily by the user.

  • Kisscartoon is a safer and better site or not? 

This website is a cartoon and animated content provider that is safe only with the use of a virtual private network to protect from malicious threats and is also known to be a very good site.


At the end of the article, it can be concluded by stating the fact that Kisscartoon which was known for providing cartoon content and animated shows for users in high-quality videos and audio is no longer working since 2017 because it was found this website violated the law related to copyright issues.

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