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Tactics for a Happier Lifestyle

When you think of a happy lifestyle, your kitchen may not come to mind. Sure, you want your entire apartment to make you feel at home. But is your kitchen really that important? 

The reality is you’re likely spending a lot of time in your kitchen cooking and baking. And whether you realize it or not, it’s an essential space that brings you a lot of joy. So it should be a priority of yours to transform it into a cheery and warm space! 

To create your ideal kitchen that’s functional and happy, here are some tactics to consider! 

1. Add Personal Touches 

You may already have a few personal touches in your kitchen. But if you don’t, think about the things you’d like to see in there that’ll make you smile

Consider adding a few more personal touches if you can’t seem to do away with the ones that are currently in there. 

A few ideas are putting a wall hanging above the sink or placing your grandma’s old vase on the counter with fresh flowers. 

There doesn’t have to be a lot of items. You don’t want things to look cluttered! But adding a few sentimental items can make your kitchen feel more like home. 

2. Create a Few Spots for Fresh Produce 

There’s nothing better than fresh produce, and a happy kitchen should have plenty of it! 

Not only is fruit tasty, but it’s also bright and colorful. It does an excellent job at adding a pop of color to your kitchen. Although you can put fruit on the counter, it’ll look better if you have something to hold and display it. Luckily there are a lot of options!

For example, use a ceramic or wire mesh bowl to keep things fresh when displaying fruit. 

If you always want colorful produce, buy some every time you go to the grocery store! That way, the colors in your kitchen will never fade! 

3. Display Your Cookbooks 

If you love to cook (and even if you don’t), displaying cookbooks will get you in the mood! 

You may not have any cookbooks due to the digital world. Perhaps you prefer to use a kindle to display recipes as you cook. 

While that makes sense, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few actual cookbooks! Consider buying a few to display in your kitchen. Who knows, they’ll likely encourage you to try a new recipe since you’ll be glancing at them every day!

Proudly stack your cookbooks on the counter. You’ll no doubt look like a professional cook. 

4. Think Vertically

You’ve likely read that decorating vertically can save you space, and that’s true! 

If you’re short on room in the kitchen, hang pots, pans, and even tools on the wall. It may not sound that appealing, but it doesn’t have to be disorganized. Look on a site like Pinterest to get inspired. That way, you can put something together that’ll look pleasing to the eye.

However you decide to display functional kitchen items on the wall, it’ll free up more space for other items. 

Keep the essentials within arm’s reach and hang items you won’t need access to as often. It’ll be ideal when you’re cooking you don’t have to look far to find what you need!

5. Add a Movable Kitchen Island or Cart

As well as thinking vertically, consider adding a kitchen island or cart on wheels.

If you’re running out of space, a cart will be a life-saver. It’s great for storing accessories that you need but don’t have room for elsewhere. 

Store whatever you’d like on the cart, such as a coffee maker and a few other essential appliances. If you’re up for creating your own coffee station, that’s another idea to consider!

Have fun getting and using a cart to liven up your kitchen and add the perfect amount of extra space. It’s a functional piece you can’t afford to pass up! 

6. Integrate Pops of Color 

Every room needs some color here and there, and the kitchen is no exception. I mentioned earlier how colorful fruit is an easy way to liven up the kitchen. Well, many other accessories will do the same!

Brighten up your space with a colorful kitchen towel. Or something like a turquoise mail holder will make things welcoming and cheery. 

A fluffy and colorful rug to put on the kitchen floor is another great way to add a pop. It’ll add style, comfort, and a fun color! 

7. Place Organizers in Cabinets and Drawers

Having organizers throughout your kitchen is a game-changer. 

Add them, and it’ll be convenient to find whatever you need. There are all sorts of organizers available, from spice racks to drawer organizers. Take stock of what items you have and decide which organizers you’d like to get! 

You’ll add to a functional kitchen that’ll have everything you need to cook and then some! 

8. Organize Mail in a Mail Holder 

If you’re having trouble keeping up with your mail, putting a mail holder in your kitchen could help with that.

Now, that shouldn’t give you an excuse not to go through your mail. But having a mail holder on your countertop instead of a bunch of loose mail will look a lot better! 

There are different options for holding your mail. You can go with a basket or a metal letter holder. Or get a stackable drawer storage chest that will disguise your mail. 

9. Upgrade Your Garbage Can

You may be dealing with unnecessary garbage smells. It could be because your garbage can is getting old or it doesn’t have a lid. 

Instead of taking your trash out daily, why not get a trash can with a lid and firm steel pedal? This simple upgrade will get rid of unnecessary trash smells. Plus, it’ll make your kitchen look modern and sleek.


You don’t have to do a significant overhaul in your kitchen to make effective changes. There are plenty of redesign tactics that’ll result in a functional space. Continue to think of ways to make things accessible and organized in your kitchen. You’ll have a happier lifestyle as you spend time cooking in a well-designed space!


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