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FUN88 is a house brand that is always in the top of the leading prestigious betting playgrounds in Thailand. However, from the early days of its establishment until now, the house has also had many “scams” to scam players. So is the house reputable or not? If you are looking for analysis and evaluation information about the FUN88 bookie, please refer to our article.

Facts to know about the Fun88 bookie

Fun88 has a Gambling Commission license with license: 38898 , the most powerful bookmaker license in the world (more than the license of Malta, Curacao, Philippines), when playing at Fun88, you can be assured that Fun88 will pay money. win for you. According to our research, Fun88 is the only bookmaker in Thailand that has this powerful license.

Fun88 has a 150% promotion up to VND 6,000,000, but requires a maximum bet of X25. That means if you deposit 1,000,000 VND, you have to bet (1,500,000 VND + 1,000,000 VND) x 25 = 62,500,000 VND, if you win, you can withdraw your money. This is a tough wagering requirement, so you should consider accepting this promotion.

Before depositing money into Fun88, you need to verify your KYC (identity verification) with your passport, bank statement, utility bill, etc. to avoid the risk of withdrawal later.

Contact the bookie Fun88, ask them to confirm the account you have registered to ensure the requirements (about the same IP, information, …) to avoid the risk of the house concluding you have cheated on your account. (Remember to take screenshots of email or live chat as evidence later)

Fun88.live always synthesizes the latest information about ทางเข้า fun88 ล่าสุด, especially complaint information about whether or not Fun88 cheats, bursts money and how to handle it, you should visit regularly to capture information. If you have difficulty with the withdrawal process, please contact us, we are always ready to help you.

FUN88 – Useful information about the bookie

The useful information about the bookie below is compiled by us through reviews and learning about FUN88 for your reference.

What is Fun888asia?

Fun88tntf is an online bookie operating on the internet. Thereby the house operates mainly in the field of providing online betting products to users. Players who join the house will use their own money to play bets. When you win, you will receive a profit many times higher than the capital invested.

According to our research, the betting games that the bookie aims to develop are: Sports betting, football, gambling at Casino, slot game, shooting fish… highly entertaining and help you bet on the opportunity to earn “delicious peach branch” money for yourself.

Currently, FUN88 has become the number 1 bookmaker brand in Thailand in particular and Asia in general. Established in 2008, with 12 years of operation, the house has achieved extremely comprehensive development steps. Up to now, they have won the majority of hearts as well as the trust of betting players.

The legitimacy of the house

Because we want to bring the most prestigious, classy and quality betting playground to players. Right from the early days of establishment, the house has built a methodical betting system. Besides, they have passed the strict censorship stage from the Philippine government organization. This makes them a legitimate bookmaker brand and ensures legitimacy for gamblers. Later, the house also received the following legal licenses:

Certificate of BMM.

Certificate of Isle Of Man Gambling (IOM).

Certificate of First Cagayan.

In addition, on March 19, 2019, the bookie officially joined OG GLOBAL ACCESS LIMITED. This is a corporation that is licensed and operated by the highest betting authority in the Philippines.

Achievements that FUN88 has

In 12 years of operation, the house has also achieved certain achievements with its efforts. In which, they themselves are highly appreciated in the following categories:

Top 10 bookies that pay the most for players in 2021.

The betting playground is suitable for all customers of all times.

Top 10 e-sports betting sites with many attractive offers and promotions.

Take a look at the achievements that the house has above. We are completely assured when “choosing to deposit gold” at the สมัครfun88house.

Huge sponsorship deals of the house

Not only have achieved certain successes in their betting activities. The house FUN88 also won a lot of huge sponsorship deals for major football clubs in the world. Deals to confirm the extremely strong financial potential of the house. In there:

2017 – 2020: Brand sponsorship for Newcastle United football club.

2012 – present: Brand sponsorship for football club Tottenham Hotspur.

2015: Sponsor a shirt for Burnley football club.

2019: Successful cooperation in the Brand Ambassador deal with Kobe Bryant,

2014: Successfully cooperated with Robbie Fowler and Steven Nash (2014).

2014: The bookie cooperates with Lamborghini to establish a sports car racing team. Then this racing car participated in the Porsche Carrera Cup in Asia.

2015: Partner with CUP ONE Championship.

2015: Collaboration as a brand ambassador with actress Rola Misaki.

2020: Cooperation between Fun88 and Racing.

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