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All children should have equal opportunities in accessing education as education is crucial in a child’s life. Education opens career doors for learners and also influences how a person thinks and deals with day-to-day experiences. 

Through education, a person is respected, and their status in society is acknowledged. This is why many parents strive to enrol their children in the best available schools. The parents are aware that education is the best gift they can reward their children. The choice of a school, however, determines the quality of education students receive.

The Global Indian International School has competent and experienced teachers from all over the world. The teachers have a comprehensive range of knowledge and information that they pass down to their learners. The school also has adequate facilities that foster access to more knowledge.

Therefore, the school ensures the academic excellence of its learners. It also provides its students’ holistic development by incorporating out-of-class activities that ensure all its learners’ mental, physical, social and emotional development

Moreover, GIIS also helps to nurture the talent of its learners. However, most parents cannot afford the cost of sustaining their children in school. So GIIS hopes to make education more accessible to its students via various scholarships.

The following are some interesting facts about the GIIS Scholarships:

The source:

So, who offers the Global Indian International School scholarships? The Global School Foundation (GFS) provides the GIIS scholarship to students at all the schools worldwide. 

Different types of scholarships:

The schools recognize that children are gifted differently; thus, they offer different scholarships to their learners. The types of scholarships offered in GIIS include:

  • The need-based scholarship: The need-based scholarship is awarded to academically gifted students from humble backgrounds.
  • The merit-based scholarship: The merit scholarship is awarded to students who show outstanding performance in different fields.

Merit scholarships are categorized into various categories such as:

  • Academic Merit Scholarship: The academic merit scholarship is awarded to students who excel in academics.
  • Athletic Merit Scholarship: The athletic scholarship is awarded to students who show proficiency in sports.
  • Artistic Merit Scholarship: This is a scholarship awarded to students gifted in art such as fashion and design, dancing, and music.


List of Scholarships awarded by the Global Indian International School:

The following are the GIIS scholarships offered in the global Indian international school:

  • Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship is a one-year talent-based scholarship applicable to children in grades 6-12. The scholarship seeks to recognize and encourage young children talented in the field of digital technology. It is awarded to students who can comfortably operate a digital device or instrument, or application.
  • The 9Gems Holistic Development Scholarship: 9Gems Holistic Development Scholarship is a one-year talent-based scholarship applicable to grades 6-12 designed to groom students and mould their personalities to make them well-rounded citizens. The scholarship fosters holistic development in children.
  • The Global Future-ready Merit Scholarship: The GIIS Future-ready Merit Scholarship is a two-year tenure that seeks to foster IB PYP, CLSP, IBDP, IGCSE, and CBSE curriculum in grades 7-12 and IBPD year I and 2. The GFRM scholarship is a merit scholarship for students who show proficiency in academics. Therefore, one should acquire good academic grades to win the global future-ready merit scholarship.
  • The Global Sports Scholarship: The Global Sports Scholarship (GSS) is a three-year talent-based scholarship eligible for a learner in grades 1-12 to support young sports talent. The scholarship aims to recognize and encourage young athletes to exploit their God-given talent in sports. 
  • The Global Citizen Scholarship: The Global Citizen Scholarship (GCS) is a two-year tenure scholarship applicable to learners in grades 11-12. The scholarship seeks to foster an outstanding learning experience that will prepare students to become global students.

The Eligibility:

So who can apply for the GIIS Scholarships? Here are the eligibility criteria to apply for the scholarships:

  • To qualify for the scholarship, one must be a student of GIIS.
  • One must be an Indian citizen to apply for the scholarships.
  • Different scholarships have different eligibility criteria based on the type of scholarship.

The Application:

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the GIIS scholarship:

  •  Step 1: Filling the Application Form: Identify the scholarship you are eligible for and visit the scholarship website, click on apply, and fill in the application form.
  • Step 2: Submission of the Application Form: Submit your application. You should ensure that you attach all the documents a particular scholarship states as failing to do so leads to your application’s dismissal.

The Role of GIIS Scholarships:

The following are reasons why GIIS scholarships are crucial:

  • GIIS scholarships are worthy because they make education affordable in a reputed international school like the GIIS.
  • Nurtures and hones student’s talents while they continue their studies.
  • Learning in an excellent institution boosts a learner’s self-confidence and recognition.
  • Students stand a chance to get into their career choices as they get the opportunity to develop their skills while availing discounted tuition fee benefits.

The Disbursal Criteria:

Once applicants submit their applications for any of the scholarships at Singapore private schools, they are notified within ten working days via email. Following this, the organizers conduct an assessment and invite successful applicants for an interview. After the interview, there is a selection and disbursal of scholarship funds. 

Studying in any of the campuses of the Global Indian International School does not have to be stressful. You can apply for a GIIS scholarship that you qualify to relieve the financial burden of studying in a reputed international school like GIIS.


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