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Online PattaChitta In Tamil Nadu

If you have been ever dealt with a property, then it’s sure that you might have come across the terms – online Patta and Chitta. Often these phrases leave the people – buyers and investors involved in property related transactions about what they are and of their importance in legally owning the property.

Land or property buying/ selling is a complicated matter. If you are an owner, then you must know all the procedures and documents required while transacting the properties. Here we take attempts to explain about online PattaChitta and the significance of these records while dealing with properties.


Patta – A look into it

Patta is an important legal document that is issued by the Government authority Tahsildar. This document will furnish the details of name and other property related details of the legal owner. This can be issued for land, building or individual houses etc. This is also referred to as the ‘record of rights’. In fact it serves as the evidence for land ownership, especially helpful when there is a violence or illegal activity against a piece of land.

The document holds the utmost value when involved in land deals. Since it is a piece of legal paper that contains the name of the people registered with the Tahsildar office as the owner of the property, it is truly helpful for legally assured buying/selling.


All Your Doubt About Online PattaChitta

Issuing Patta to multi owner properties

If an individual is issued with Patta for the property, it means he owns it legally. If a single property has more than one owner, separate Pattas will not be issued. In those cases, only a single Patta will be issued that will contain all the names of co-owners mentioned clearly. Here an important point to be remembered is Patta will not be issued to the cases where the land has undivided shares.


Is getting Patta important for all the properties?

Patta is a vital document since it is an evidence for licensed possession. It is a must for vacant land. It is also the major document which will help to know about the legal ownership of the property with buildings. Besides the owner of the property, this document also carries other essential information like extent of properties and measurements of the land.

Patta is a key record of ownership. All those transactions that involve land require a Patta. It is also useful to assess the right of ownership legally. By verifying Patta you can make sure that you buy the property from the rightful owner based on the records of the Government.

If you would like to have a clear property title, then getting a valid Patta from the seller is a must. After buying the land, the buyer should apply for an online PattaChitta to the concerned Taluk office and transfer Patta to his (buyer’s) name in order to maintain a clear title.


Does owning an apartment require a Patta?

Patta majorly deals with land and is not a building document. However, this legal document may furnish the details related to the buildings. When speaking about apartments, the property will be generally possessed by undivided shares of the co-owners and so Patta will not be given as this is a case of undivided land share. Still, Patta can list the names of all the co-owners.


Essential points that you have to keep in mind while applying for online PattaChitta

  • Patta – a legal document is also called as the land deed
  • Patta Register is typically maintained at Taluk office and it provides the details of the ownership of all Land holdings. It is issued in hectares/acres for village properties.
  • In thosecases where needed, Patta can be transferred from person to person.
  • The most convenient feature with Patta is you don’t have to renew it from time-to-time. A renewal is needed done only after a transfer or there is a transaction with the property.
  • Patta is necessary when the government gets the land from an individual buyer for the purpose of industrialization or development.
  • Online PattaChitta documents are provided on a nominal fee basis which varies from state to state.
  • The term ‘Patta’ is majorly used in India and also in some neighboring countries.


Chitta – What The Buyers Should Know About This

Chitta is maintained by the related Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and Taluka office and it serves as the source of information regarding the details of land that belong to a single or multiple owners. The online PattaChitta documents will include the details such as:

  • Village
  • Taluk
  • Owner of the land
  • Patta number
  • Survey Number with sub-division details
  • The assortment of the land whether Nanjai or Punjai

From the year 2015, it has been stopped by Tamil Nadu Government for the issuing of Chitta for land. Both the Patta and Chitta have been combined into one legal document and this is referred to as Patta.


Nanjai land:

The Nanjai is a wetland and it means that the land is capable of providing water supply easily. Moreover, it has water sources like a river, lake, canal,etc.


Punjai land:

Punjai is the name given for dry lands. Hence it means this land property will have fewer water reservoirs and also has very low capabilities for water sources like bore, well etc.

What type of properties requires online PattaChitta?

Patta is a must needed document for both land and also for lands with buildings and structures. This is a document that confirms and stands for the thing of a lawful possession of the property. This provides the name of the owner or owners, with land details like the size and the type of the plot whether commercial or residential.


Importance of Patta

Patta is very important for properties in the following cases:

  • Land that is received under ‘Transfer of Property Act’
  • Land/property that is obtained under orders of the State court and tribunals
  • Land acquired through succession like Will

Since there are increased cases of land encroachment, it is very important that the owners get online PattaChitta when buying a land. Acquiring a Patta not only assures for the name of the lawful owners of the property but it is also important proof for any dispute if faced in future.

Obtaining online PattaChitta serves as a key document in cases of selling of properties and government acquisitions. In those cases where the Government buys the land from the owner/s for development, compensation will be given to the person whose name is mentioned as the authorized owner of the property in the document.


Patta Tamil Nadu Land Ownership document

Digitization has paved the way for the booming of many processes and this made acquiring Online PattaChitta easier too. Digitization related to crucial documents gained through online media acts as the much better and convenient way that you apply from the comfort of your place without the need for standing in long queues for hours. All those struggles of getting permission from the office or taking leave or spending a long time have made things easier with the thing – Online PattaChitta.


How to apply for PattaChitta?

Are you thinking about how to get these indispensable documents online? We are here to help you.

  • Visit the official portal that is established by the State Government of Tamil Nadu for your land records – ttps://
  • Click on the option ‘View PattaChitta/FMB/TSLR Extract’ present on the home page.
  • Choose the type of area – whether rural or urban and respective district
  • Click submit and after this enter the below details to complete further proceedings.
  • Taluk
  • Town
  • District
  • Ward
  • Survey Number
  • Block
  • Sub-Division Number

Fill up all the above details, complete the authentication factor and now give ‘Submit’.


What are the documents required for applying online PattaChitta?

If you are about to apply for PattaChitta documents through the Government’s official website, you will be requiring the following documents.

  • Signed Patta transfer program
  • Proof of possession such as electricity bill, tax receipt payment, encumbrance certificate are some of the acceptable proofs
  • Copy of the sale deed in addition with the records should be submitted for confirmation
  • Encumbrance certification

You can check the status of Online PattaChitta by entering the Application ID. You can assess the validity of the issued certification anytime by visiting the website. You can apply for PattaChitta by simply paying a nominal fee of Rs 100 through online.


You can avail the below services through the online portal

  • Online applying for PattaChitta
  • Check the application of status of PattaChitta
  • Verify Patta
  • Patta transfer
  • View register extract
  • Verify poramboke land

To be concluded,

When you are investing in a land property, it is very important that you are well aware of the terms – Patta and Chitta. Having the necessary knowledge on these legal documents will help you to get out of any future conflicts regarding the transactions related to the land. Hence it becomes mandatory to obtain the document. Many States like Tamil Nadu have been issuing online PattaChitta with the signature of the Tahsildar or Deputy Tahsildar or the Zonal Deputy Tahsildar. So if you are a landowner, you can apply for Patta online and avail a soft copy.

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