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According to experts, you must clean your system of kratom regularly to avoid tolerance and buildup of alkaloids in the body. The cleaner your system, the better you enjoy kratom’s effects each time you have it. 


That’s one of the reasons experts advise taking breaks in between kratom consumption. 


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The following are the factors that influence performance, rate of absorption, and rate of elimination of kratom in the body.


  1. Body weight and body fat percent 

Studies have proved that body weight and fat percent influence how long a drug stays in the system. Kratom’s alkaloid mitragynine is fat-soluble. This implies people with a higher fat percent would take a longer time to eliminate kratom than people with less fat. 


Also remember, a dose of kratom depends on body weight and size. So, before you buy kratom near you, make sure you know how much you need. A petite person may need a lower dose than a voluptuous person. 


  1. Age

Age has a crucial role to play in the functions of the body. People above 65 are more likely to have a slower metabolism than those in their 20’s and 30’s. So, naturally, younger people would flush out kratom from their systems faster than older people. 


  1. Genes

How quickly kratom is eliminated from the body also depends on your genetic makeup and enzymes produced by your body. 


  1. Dose of kratom

Of course, a larger dose would stay in your system for longer than a lower dose. Also, if you take kratom daily, your body may not get a chance to remove kratom completely from the system, so a certain amount would always stay in your system. 


Take breaks in consuming kratom. 


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  1. Way of consuming kratom

How you consume kratom also determines how long it stays in your system. For example, if you consume it with alcohol or caffeine, your liver will first break down alcohol or caffeine and then come to kratom. So, kratom will stay in your system for longer. 


If you take fatty foods with kratom, the alkaloid will get absorbed in the fat and show its effect quicker, as the alkaloid is fat-soluble. But yes, it will take time to get out of your system. 


It is found that people who smoke kratom leaves or take it in liquid form such as tea are more likely to flush out the alkaloids from their system. They also feel the effects quickly. Florida kratom shops sell this herb in various forms. 


  1. Water intake

Experts advise kratom users to drink lots of water for fast elimination through urine. 


  1. Health conditions

If you have health conditions like liver cirrhosis, it affects your renal functions and metabolism and, in turn, your kratom elimination rate. In this case, please consult a doctor before using this herb. 


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