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Your partner said ‘Yes’, but your kundalis didn’t? Here is everything you need to know for marital bliss!

Astrologers at StarsTell explain how important kundali matching is before starting your marital life

Marriages in any culture are defined as the sacred union between two people and when two individuals decide to live their lives together, it is done with the auspicious omen and grand celebrations.  A commitment for a lifetime, marriages require a lot of conviction and everyone wants to lead a successful married life.

In order to predict the destiny of the couple,  online kundali matching is opted by the families or individuals. The process involves the study of astrological birth charts and the matching of the gunas. Astrologers at StarsTell provide the complete service of making as well as kundali matching. They are experts in the field of astrological study and predict the future of the couples.

  • Objective of kundali matching — to determine the future compatibility
  • Number of guns that should match as per Vedic astrology- 18

Married life of the couple have various aspects ranging from financial gains to child bliss, and the astrologers at StarsTell are inclined towards making the lives of the couples more successful. If provided with the accurate birth name, place of birth and the time of birth then a kundalini can be prepared and the astrologers can analyze your planetary position.

A combination is made and reviewed by the astrologers for the kundalini matching. The attributes are matched by the astrologers and the total aspects matched are 36.

Although sometimes, there are situations when the couples are happily in love but their stars aren’t.  At StarsTell, astrologers study your kundalis and provide a solution to the dosh which is hampering your marriage. It becomes important to follow the solutions as ignoring the advice can have some major impact on the couple’s life.

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It is observed that no individual is born with the perfect stars and every flaw or dosh in the horoscope chart can be cured through the remedies provided by astrological science. Therefore, don’t lose hope and look for a path which will help you have a long-lasting marriage with your loved one!


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