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The only similarity between digital marketing and traditional marketing is their goal of   higher conversion rate and profitability. However, online businesses do not enjoy attention for longer span and to have it, they need to have extraordinary and captivating Landing page and web presence. Conversion of visitors into customers or lead is the key to success of   business functional online. It is therefore vital to have eye-catching offer to tempt visitors to take action.

Landing page optimization is a result-oriented and effective means to convince your visitors to aid the company to accomplish their aim of higher conversion rate, brand awareness and profitability. A well planned and functional landing page abridges the gap between visitors and aim of the company effectively.

 About landing page and its optimization

Landing page is a kind of standalone page with a sole aim of aiding a company to enjoy higher conversion rate. It is the page where your most targeted audience “lands” first. Whereas landing page optimization usually comprises of improving and checking various elements of landing page like its design, colour, copy, media, call to action, etc. Effective landing page optimization assists your business to obtain more calculated outcomes.

 Tips for an effective Landing page Optimization 

1:  Have Spotlight on Maintaining Consistency

Maintaining Consistency

Your landing page should be aligned with your traffic source. You should be able to cater consistent brand experience to visitors to make them take action.  Irrespective of nature of ad you use for promotion, one has to have consistency in design, tone and copy. People clicking on your PPC ad anticipate similar feel while watching entire ad and should get connected to the brand automatically. You banner ad should go with landing page design to cast unforgettable and long impression for business gains.

 Your landing page should not give complete experience of your website, rather should be a reflection of it. Try to have some similarity like colour palette and typography to give similar and unique experience to visitors.

2:  Look for an Organized Design

Organized Design

 The landing page design categorically affects leads and profits. Often the experience and feel of landing page generates the feeling of credibility. Design of your landing page should make it easier for visitors to initiate and take action of purchasing your product or services.  Design should be in flow along with being well organised.

 An important part of LPO Process is selection of colour. It should go with your brand. One should make sure that colour chosen for call-to-action buttons should match with the landing page’s background colour as last thing a visitor wants is to look for place to commence purchase. Also you should at regular interval test the different part of elements to keep a check on landing page’s impact.

3: Headline should be an Eye-Catcher


 Just as your face grabs attention of people first, likewise headline of landing page too catches the eye of visitors before the page is scroll down. When your headline fails to grab the attention of visitors, it indicates your failure in enhancing the conversion rate.

The core of the above point is that headline of landing page cannot be ignored and make sure to improve or change headline with a view to yield best results. Headline of your landing page should be –

  • Clear and concise
  • Should be relevant to banner and ad used
  • Should be potent in establishing connect and empathy with customers.
  • Should be of right size and font.
  • It should be on the top of landing page, so that one gets to read it first.

4: Unneeded Clutter should be avoided

Unneeded Clutter should be avoided

Landing pages are more effective than web pages because they do not have clutter. Every element that you decide to use on landing page should be in sync with the main objective. It is vital to regularly redefine landing page with the use of third eye as landing page has to enhance conversion rate.

5: Test using Video Message

video message

 Video content has been storming the world of internet, but very few are procuring the benefit from it. Using landing pages with video to convey your message would stand out your business. Videos are much easier and passive content to watch that simply creates wonders.  But do not forget that the visitors of today want quality.

6:  Display your Contact Number

Display your Contact Number

Just because of some fraudulent landing pages on the internet, it is getting hard for genuine companies to convince about their credibility. Do show a phone number on your landing page to convince visitors about your dependability and real existence.

 Also by sharing contact, you can allow people to get in touch with you for more information before availing your services or product.

7: Ask for necessary information only

Ask for necessary information only

 Do not ask information in excess about the customers as it may scare them to go ahead with your services and ultimately would affect your conversion rate. Go on to ask necessary information only from your prospects.

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