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Laravel is an open-source framework that makes it simple to create web apps. Session management, routing, adaptability, and other Laravel capabilities aid in the building of small and large-scale projects. You can hire the best Laravel PHP Web Application Development Company for your project to ensure the quality of the work.

If you are developing an application, choosing the right framework for the right system is critical, particularly in the underlying period of the task. The overall rules for picking the structure are – the cost of improvement, the experience of designers with the systems, prominence of the system. Some of the other factors include – 3rd party integrations, deployment, testing, etc.

In this post, we will talk about why PHP developers prefer using Laravel and how Laravel differs from other PHP frameworks.

Why do PHP developers like Laravel Framework?

  • Security

Security is an incredibly pivotal thing while at the same time choosing a structure. Furthermore, when security is concerned, Laravel is a long way ahead of some other systems. It has an inbuilt CSRF token that can give protection from internet-based dangers and gets the web application against a cyberattack. It additionally has solid local area backing and instructional exercises that can assist the engineers with building a safe application.

  • Testing

In the Laravel platform, testing is done quickly and seamlessly for any web development process. Laravel has enough in-built testing functions and support from PHPUnit, which makes identifying and correcting the bugs very easy and quick. The testing is done automatically, but developers can change the process as per their requirements. This is one of the major reasons why developers like the Laravel framework.


  • Multi-lingual

Today many businesses have decided not to be confined by the boundaries and also target the people throughout the world in various countries. If you want to attract customers from other countries, then you need multi-lingual support. Laravel provides multi-language support so that different people can understand your products or services and buy them from the application.


  • Simplicity

When a framework is easy to use, then its attraction increases. Developers may not like a complex framework with a messy code that takes too much time, nor do the businesses like the delay in their project due to a framework. Laravel offers a simple syntax that can be utilized by developers with minimal expertise.

The Laravel system is based on the model-view-regulator (MVC) compositional example, which makes it simpler to deal with large and convoluted ventures. It is additionally wealthy in libraries, apparatuses, and formats that help engineers to make intricate and stable web applications.

  • Strong community & support

Laravel has been growing rapidly over the last decade and thus the framework has a large and active community of developers. These developers can provide their help and guidance whenever anyone needs it. Any problem in big, security, or any other problem can be solved by the community. They can also guide in cutting the development cost and development time.

What differentiates Laravel from other PHP frameworks?

  • Object-oriented libraries

The Laravel system is furnished with expressive and alluring linguistic structures that make the structure object-situated. There are more than 20 pre-introduced measured and object-situated libraries and optional apparatuses that assist in growing incredible applications.

A portion of Laravel’s modules is entirely particular, to the point that they aren’t found in most other PHP systems. For – Laravel’s authentication library allows security to the databases with unique features like encryption and CSRF protection.This is one major thing that differentiates Laravel development company from other PHP frameworks.

  • Command-line Interface

In the development process, the Command Line Interface (CLI) permits engineers to speak with capacities and administrations, making some programming and support errands simpler to execute. The order is dealt with in plain text and along these lines makes the application improvement process viable.

  • Laravel’s templating engine

The Blade templating engine is one of the significant highlights of Laravel that separates it from different systems. With the assistance of sharp edge, inbuilt lightweight formats can be utilized to foster parts that can be reused any place in the PHP application.

  •  Effective ORM and database management

The Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) of Laravel is Eloquent, and is the best ORM among any remaining PHP structures. What’s more, while picking the system, engineers do consider the ORM of the structure.

By the utilization of Eloquent ORM, interfacing with the application data set turns out to be seriously difficult. It fills in as an easy to use, familiar dynamic interface for executing data set questions.

  • MVC architecture support

Laravel comes with a model view controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It makes developing applications very easy for the developers. By using MVC architecture, the developers can write simple and clear structured support. So, when the project is complex and involves writing a high volume of codes, then at that time the MVC can be extremely useful. This is one of the major benefits offered by Laravel which keeps it ahead of other frameworks of PPC.


In conclusion, we would say that Laravel has many in-built features that make the app development process very easy and quick for the developers. This benefits the clients also as they will get a robust app with amazing features too within less time. So, for both parties it is beneficial and thus when it comes to developing web apps, Laravel is one step ahead of other PHP frameworks.

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