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This field is divided in many diverse section including statistics, data algorithm, data analysis. Apart from this it’s also give access to domain construction and software programming. In this field we see that mathematics plays a crucial role for doing data management. In data science AI, Video, Audio and Graph are the basic and fundamental foundation for doing any type of data explanation. In total growing demand of data interpretation in corporate world increase the value and importance of a data scientist or a data analyst.If you want to become a data scientist and pursue your carrier in it, then I would suggest you to take a data science course which is provided by Intellipaat.

So, do you know about the latest things of data science, if your answer is no! Then keep reading this article to know the most trending things in the data science world.

  • Very capable and user friendly interface of applications:-

Just like any other thing our digital application are also getting smarter and smarter day by day. Our phone, TV, Refrigerator is also changed in to the smart devices .Hence, application used in this smart devices are also needed to be get smarter. Thanks to data science, this turns these simple applications in to a smarter application. Now these applications are able to feed information to devices at better and faster pace than their predecessors. Data science also improves the application efficiency so that user gets an amazing experience while using it. Not only human are the only user of these smart application, Machines are also able to use these application according to their need and compatibility.

  • Fully integrated artificial intelligence:-

Starting from telecommunication industry to automobile, every where we can easily see the Future of Artificial Intelligence and also these are the industry who successfully implemented the AI in their factory’s/work place. AI is able to improve the standard of services and also increase the scalability of the business. AI also gives an error free and very precise output in the production line. Its productivity is 10 times greater than a traditional work force. They are very accurate and precise. AI is the boon of data science and its necessity in agriculture, health services and transportation can easily seen by the people.

  • Highly developed chat bots:-

Technically every third person in our country is now using the internet and it is impossible to believe that they would never once come across a chat bots. Many e-commerce site and giant service providing companies use chat bots to give their customer a 24/7 uninterrupted service. In today’s time chat bots are highly developed and give more relevant solution based on customers search key word. They are able to give a unique and most satisfactory experience to the customers.

  • Futuristic super computing technology:-

Our today’s generation computer is able to maintain a certain quantity of data. They can only manage a limited quantity of data at a time. Their procedure is also not that good and very time consuming. It’s the time to modernize our technology in the computing world and invent the next generation of our computers. Now computer scientist and data scientist are working with to gather to devolve a quantum computer which is able to meet the demand of the market. Quantum computer are falls in to category of super computer who can transmit data at a super blazing speed. It does also manage a huge pool of data and save lots of time. Many data scientist are doing researches to develop this computing theory to the reality.

  • Higher security assurance:-

Ever person or even every company doesn’t want to get their personal and confidential data to be leaked or published in the internet. In 21st century Cyber security is a highlighted and serious issue. Hence, to minimize the chance to be get hacked and threaten by the hackers many companies appoint data scientist. Data scientist are held responsible for monitor the company’s data with the help their precise tool. Data scientist is also able to detect and predict a possible Cyber attack on the company’s server. They are also able to prevent and cure the threats caused by the hackers.

  • Digitized twins:-

The demand of virtual is getting higher day by day. Starting from gaming industry to social media industry everywhere virtuality is a reason of craze among the people. Consumers are demanding the virtual related product in a regular basis. Now, the times come when data science is able to produce a virtual digital twin of any living or non-living object. It is the tool and high-tech mechanism which gives the imagination to a new identity. Data science is the only way which takes us to the future and gives us the power to connect with our dearest ones with holography.

  • Betterment of block chain:-

Betterment of block chain is improving the team work among the employees in various companies. Implementation of data science in block chain gives a remarkable changing in the productivity of the employees. Now many people feed/insert information in a same assignment at the same time. This is the only reason which lies behind the superior grade of services in today’s time. Many companies already use these strategies to improve their quality of services to please their customer. By this system people are also able to interact in a very professional way.

  •  Unlimited data source solution in a competitive price:-

In internet we can easily find many free source open data solution software.

In this present time many companies are giving live data analysis facility to their customer so that they are able to access the limit less opportunity in data analysis.

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These facility are cheaper and it s very convenient for the companies. Apart from this it’s save a lot of time. So it is a very convenient and secure system for any corporate organization. Data scientist is also not required to do this work.

  • Robotisation:-

A study shows that about 50% of search queries are voice based by 2020 and this is only possible if we implement the data science in every possible way. Automobile industry is 80% automated by the help of robots by 2025. This is the best and most popular application of data science in a particular industry. In 2019 data science is hugely impact the virtual assistance which also creates the new path of our next modernized era.

So, mentioned above points are some of the latest things that you must know about data science in these days. Well, there are many application and benefit of data science in this 21st century computing world but some of them are very crucial and plays an important part in the business. We can’t underestimate the power of data science in our day to day life. Its significance is easily felt by us in our ultra-modern society. Literally data science is the most basic foundation stone of any industry that became developed in these days. We should pay thanks to data science for its scopes and its benefit that we are enjoying it. It is sure that our future generation is highly depended on the data science.

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