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Fashion changes more than seasons do, but some accessories are timeless, such as a good pair of sunglasses. Especially Layoners sunglasses. Layoners don’t only produce stylish and trendy glasses but also glasses that are long-lasting and high quality.

We all know how essential accessories are to complete an outfit, and if you have the right shades, they make the outfit! Layoners don’t just produce plain and classic sunglasses; they also make one of the most unique eyewear pieces you can find. To make sure that their eyewear enhances the structure of your face, they have separate stocks for women and men.

How do you style Layoners sunglasses with outfits?

Matching the frame of your glasses with the clothes you are wearing is a great way to look put together. Not only does this make you look like you got dressed by a professional stylist, but it also shows a part of your personality. Styling sunglasses should be fun and exciting, so buy some and get on with it.

For women who like to stick to a simplistic and elegant style, they can opt for the Nocturnal Allure shade, a modest frame with temples that hug your ears perfectly. Not all women like being simple (nothing wrong with that!), some of them want to be a little extra and step up their fashion game. No worries, Layoners has got your back! Eyewear pieces like Summer Kiss and Vintage White are the ones for you. Their bold and bright colors won’t clash with your outfit; instead, they’ll tie the whole look together if you style them right.

As for men, don’t think we forgot you, fashion is universal and for everyonejust like Layoners! Summer calls for new choices and stepping out of your comfort zone. Sometimes purchasing items such as Steam Gold can help you check the waters when you decide to explore new things. Not only is the frame eye-catching but also comfortable on your face. One of the best collections of Layoners are the wooden frames they offer. They’re such a unique piece to have, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re made of 100% dried natural bamboo with polarized lenses!

Having statement pieces is necessary, but so are basic pieces. To tone down your look and look a little more professional, you’ll want to pick shades with metal frames, silver or golden, doesn’t matter. Metal frames are versatile and usually blend in with the style and vibe of your outfit. If metal frames are right up your alley, then Layoners aviators will be perfect for you.

You can go for a dark and mysterious look with their new Dark Twilight shades, or you could choose the Leader Spirit sunglasses for a brighter tone and outfit.

Protect those precious eyes!

Other than style, sunglasses also provide you with protection. Radiations such as UV can damage the eyes significantly due to the energy they carry. Over time, constant exposure to UV light can cause eye cataract and cloudiness in the lens of the eye. That is why you must purchase sunglasses with UVA and UVB sunglasses. Luckily, Layoners sunglasses produce sunglasses that provide optimum protection.

Protective eyewear isn’t just for summer; you should also use them in winters as UV rays are present all year round.

What are prescription shades, and can you get them from Layoners?

People who need to wear corrective glasses know the struggle of finding the right sunglasses. It’s difficult to wear sunglasses when you have correction glasses since it blurs your vision. Thankfully, Layoners can provide you with sunglasses that are corrective and protective, which are called prescription sunglasses.

Prescription sunglasses can guard your eyes against blue light, UV light, and even dust particles that can irritate the cornea. Secondly, prescription wear can make your life a lot easier because they’re two in one! You could go for lenses and some normal sunglasses, but the problem with that is contact lens are a huge hassle. Putting them in is a nightmare, sometimes they even slide to the side of your eyes. And for first-timers, it can be a terrible experience. Lenses can also dry your eyes out.

To get the perfect shades with a lightweight frame from Layoners, all you need to do is order a pair of sunglasses that you like. Then, contact your optician to make a lens with the same shape as your preferred eyewear.

Head on to their website or social media page to scroll through an endless collection of beautiful eyewear.

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