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There are some hazards that nature has for us, and we cannot do anything about them. Lead and the diseases caused by lead are also one of them. Lead is a metal naturally occurring in small amounts in the earth’s crust, and if a person is exposed to it for a more extended period, it can cause serious health problems.

In New York, the lead exposure increases due to its traces in the drinking water and paints. According to some stats, almost 80% of children under three are tested for lead poisoning. The lead inspection has been actively carried out through New York to save its citizens from such hazards.

Where Can You Find Lead In Your Surroundings?

Lead is present in trace amounts everywhere. You might not be aware of how it is slowly eating you up. You can find lead in your surroundings in the following places:

  • Lead plumbing materials in water pipes.
  • Lead is in groundwater in some areas.
  • Leaded gasoline, used in vehicles, ejects lead into the air, which directly infects our respiratory system.
  • Paints in our houses usually contain lead in it.
  • Imported snacks and eatables are stored in boxes that have lead in it to preserve the food.
  • Cosmetics also have lead in them.
  • Lead ejection through industrial areas and refineries.

What Is Lead Inspection?

Usually, the lead inspection that is done home to home is lead paint inspection. The team from a company comes and checks for the percentage of lead content in your paint. They tell you if that percentage is ordinary or hazardous to you. Lead inspection is also done person to person, estimating the lead they have intaken. When you are getting a lead inspection done at your place, make sure to clean the window panes and sills to calculate the precise amount.

Risks Of Lead

Exposure to lead can harm your health in many ways. Some of the commonly seen problems are:

  • Slow growth in children.
  • Brain damage.
  • Inability to learn and lower IQ level in children
  • In pregnant women, it can be fatal for the fetus.
  • It can cause anemia.
  • Kidney damage is swallowed through food or drinks.
  • Lead hinders the production of calcium in our body and hence results in weaker bones.

Lead Inspection Costs

A lead inspection does not cost too much. You can quickly get it done in your houses. And believe me, nothing is more expensive and valuable than your health, so spending a little on lead inspection is for your security. The lead inspection costs in New York are range from $100 to $600. However, the average and commonly used ones cost around $300. The prices increase as per the area of your house and the services you want.

Final Words

It would help best if you took care of your health and your children. If any of your family members are exposed to lead through paint, it will equally affect all families. So it is necessary to get your home, and family members inspected for lead. It is quite common these days, especially in New York. 

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