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When you spend so much time and money building, renovating and maintaining your home, experiencing a disaster to your living space can be devastating. If there was a flood in your basement, bathroom or kitchen, you may be panicking. Perhaps you are not sure how you will repair all the damage, or if your insurance company will cover the costs of said repairs.

Below is a quick guide that explains how to deal with homeowners’ insurance companies related to flood damage restoration or water damage restoration work.

Have Proof At Hand

Your insurance company will want proof of water damage to your home. If you wish to get funding for flood damage restoration from your insurance policy, take plenty of pictures and videos of the incident.

Showcase the state of your indoor spaces before you begin any cleanup work. Some homeowners make the mistake of cleaning up and then taking pictures, which makes the situation look less severe to the insurance company.

Prevent Additional Damage

The moment you notice there is standing water in some or all of your indoor living spaces, you must try to get as much water out as possible. Use buckets to scoop out water and throw it into your garden or driveway.

After your living space is relatively dry, remove all your belongings from the affected spaces. Dry out those items quickly, as you may be able to maintain their original condition if you limit the amount of time they are exposed to water.

Create an Inventory

Make a list of all your belongings that were damaged as a result of the flooding incident. Write down the names of rooms where water was present before your cleanup efforts.

Having such an inventory helps you file flood claims with your insurance company. You can list all the items in your house that are either damaged or destroyed the cause of flooding.

Ensure you are writing down the make, model and condition of each item correctly, as you do not want to make exaggerated claims to an insurance company.

Hire a Restoration Crew

Proper water damage restoration cannot be done without professional help. While you can use buckets to eliminate standing water and fans to dry out some of your furniture, restoration teams have advanced technology to eliminate all moisture from an indoor living space.

The moment you have the approval of your insurance company, hire a flood damage restoration team and allow them to do their jobs. Quality companies, such as Green Restoration in Connecticut, have worked with all the major insurers in your area.

Enjoy Your Home Again

Experiencing flood damage to your home may have been a traumatic incident. When you got back to your house and noticed standing water in your kitchen or bathroom, you may have thought your home will never be the same again.

Thanks to your quick actions, you may have saved your home from even more severe damage. Provided you can file a successful claim with your insurance company, you can have a restoration crew at the house within one or two days of the incident occurring.

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