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The Quran is a Holy Book of Islam and it’s a great honor and beauty to read and
learn it. Being a Hafiz Quran will bring a lot of beauty to man in this world and the
People who read the Quran regularly will be greatly rewarded by Allah Almighty.
Today, people’s plans are becoming more and more difficult, and reading
the Quran is a bit difficult, especially for college-educated youths and adults who
do work but try to balance Religion and Society together. It can be a physical and
spiritual challenge. However, with the help and determination of Allah Almighty,
anything can be achieved.
As a 21st-century Muslim, you should have seen the benefits of reading
the Quran online. However, you must be wondering what is the best way to read
the Quran online?
In this article, we will learn the best way to Learn Quran online and how to read
Quran online with Tajweed for kids and adults.
Importance of the Holy Quran :
The Importance of Reading the Holy Quran The importance of reading together
and relying on the Holy Book, in particular, is seen in the first revelation that
Almighty God gave to His last Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him.
Verses of Revelation Mainly say:
“Say publically! (read) in the name of Almighty and Cherisher, who made, created Human out of a
mere of congealed Blood”
(Chapter Number 96; Verse number 1-2)
So Islam from the beginning was a supporter of learning, and what is the best Book to rely on
without the Holy Quran which is the land of Allah Almighty. Moreover, regarding the reading of
the Holy Book, the following HADITH of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him speaks for
“The most excellent of you is he who has learned the Holy Quran and then Taught it to
others! (BUKHARI)
Learn Quran Online for Adults :
If you are an adult and have not read the Quran, now is the time to dive. Reading
the Quran online for adults has become much easier than ever.
Adults who want to read Quran online should avoid beginner lessons that are not
well developed. Basic Islamic tutorials contain many head tests that will waste
your time. Most of the time online Quran classes for adults contain only a few
minutes of real teaching time so you can enhance your reading.
It is very difficult to read the Quran online for adults because they often have
more responsibilities than younger people. The idea of combining your work with
home obligations is quite costly. However, if you make the first move, you will be
amazed at the methods Allah (SWT) uses to fit your plan.
We recommend that all our students carefully plan the schedule in consultation
with their teachers. One of the benefits of online Quran teaching is the
convenience it brings to your door. You can choose the time that works for you
and make sure you are in the classroom on time.
Learn Quran With a Native Tutor :
The Holy Quran was sent down by Allah (SWT) in Arabic. All readers of this Book
must read the Quran in its original language. As Allah (SWT) also says in the
“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran, so that you may
understand.” (Quran 73: 4)
The Arabic language is complex and requires a great deal of effort from the
students. A single statement may change its meaning if you miss one mark.
Therefore, the best way to learn the Quran is through a traditional teacher. It
must be a person whose mother tongue is Arabic or someone who has had a close
relationship with an indigenous scholar.
If you look for teachers to Learn Quran online for Adults, you will find reputable
companies with native teachers. We suggest that you check the background and
look for instructors if everything seems to be true. You will not be disappointed
Learn Quran Online for Kids :
Today, many Muslim parents from different countries and cultures want to read
the children’s Quran. They have realized that teaching their children the Quran is
the best investment they can make for them; The Quran is the source of
knowledge and the key to success in this life and beyond.
However, other major obstacles can hinder your children’s interest in Quranic
education. For example, distractions caused by friends, technology, and
educational endeavors. It is a sad fact today that Muslim children are being
deceived by World (Society). So much so that they find it difficult to focus on the
Quran or to make progress in other areas related to Islam.
Happily, the online world seems to be saving a generation of Muslims from
drowning in worldly delusions. It is now possible for children all over the world to
read the Quran with trusted teachers from all over the world. Digital media has
made it possible to read the Quran online for children.
Digital Learning for new Kids :
Reading the Quran online is not for every child who knows it. If your child is still
young and has no idea how online learning works, you should introduce yourself
to this way of learning. Enlighten them about their new classes and that they
should be comfortable during lectures.
Applications such as Skype, Messenger, Viber, and IMO remove these barriers as
well. You can select the media and chat with the instructor. Tell them what you
expect and let them know about your child’s strengths, weaknesses, etc.
Parent-teacher communication is essential to ensure that the child is on the right
Parting Notes :
Every letter of the Quran is from Allah (SWT). Repetition of this Book should be
considered very important. Tajweed is also known as the science of the Quran.
One has to work hard to acquire the skills in repetition. It may take a great deal of
effort. However, when a person works hard, their balance increases in good
deeds. It is not the perfection that Allah desires. Instead, He (SWT) loves you
when the slave makes an effort through His Book.
So, when you read the Quran online with Tajweed, keep all the rules in mind.
Your goal should be to develop repetition, not just read the book from beginning
to end.

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