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LegalShield is a program that aims at motivating and empowering individuals who want to start their part-time businesses. For almost half a decade, it has joined hands with people regardless of their jobs and positions in society, to make their business dreams come true. LegalShield has various tools that would help you grow your business to where you want it to be. These tools include training that helps you graduate from associate to senior associate in less than three weeks of commencing your business. Whether online or in a physical class, the best in LegalShield teach individuals how to advance in their businesses. Another tool is a future leaders program that encourages individuals to begin building teams to help their businesses grow. This program is built around bonus opportunities. There is a special recognition pin if you advance to a manager in the first 45 days and earn a bonus.

A mobile app that is a customer relationship management platform enables you to track your engagements and schedule follow-ups. You can start by adding your contacts to the platform and sending them resources. Additionally, a subscription of $19.95 with a free first-month trial to get LegalShield Advantage helps you gain access to customized marketing sites, the LegalShield CRM tool, and other benefits like an Official LegalShield email account.

When you enroll in LegalShield, you earn commissions on each plan sold, and the more people you protect, the more your commission rates. When you bring associates to your team and start the enrolling plans, every plan they sell earns you an override commission. It does not stop there; if you or your team sells a member a plan and renews it, you earn residual income every month the plan is active. There are more rewards for selling a certain number of memberships at given durations.

Through its business tools, commissions, and a flexible model that gives you the freedom to choose how to sell and define your business, LegalShield is a very suitable program for anyone looking to grow their business

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