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Leojeany, a fashion and styling brand based in New York City, intends to intersect its style with music through a new line of clothing for musicians. The brand’s founder,  Leo Li, claims to have a very unique taste, one which he wishes to expand into the lives of musicians.

 Upon admiring the power that clothing can have on musicians’ image, Leojeany decided to involve himself. Leo Li, the mind behind the magic of Leojeany, announced a desire to produce a clothing line in the name of music. The designer, stylist, and fashion connoisseur claims that the company does this to inspire Leojeany buyers and followers with its out-of-the-box, distinct looks. He thought of the new line to spread the Leojeany mission of showing the world that luxurious, high-fashion can be tailored to any area of life, including music.

The content creator and influencer behind Leojeany announces the new line, which will be catered toward musicians. Li claims to find inspiration from notable figures such as Rhianna, who he believes has perfectly represented her musical style with the clothing she chooses to wear. Drawing motivation from this, Leojeany will produce its new clothing to emanate the life of a musician while staying true to the Leojeany brand.

“The music you create reflects who you are. So must the clothes you wear,” claims Li.

From rock to pop, Li plans to enlist a broad range of musicians to help with the design of the line. The brand knows several musical artists around the Manhattan area and plans to collaborate with many of them. Li claims that the intention behind the new Leojeany creations is simply to get to the core of who musicians are. 

Leojeany plans to do this by interviewing and understanding each musician’s musical process. During this time, Leojeany will work with talented individuals to craft a line characterized by colors, styles, patterns, and cuts that deeply resonate with artists’ music. The brand plans to get to know the artists’ songs and albums, taking an approach that will emanate the song through clothing. For example, a particular shade of red in a shirt will represent the feeling of love and desire in a song. An album that is focused on heartbreak might be represented by a line of darker items, lending color and physical design to the otherwise abstract beauty of a song. 

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The new looks that will be tailored toward musicians will complement the already daring Leojeany style.

“Leojeany likes crazy,” claims the founder of the brand.

With an eye for design, Li claims to have started Leojeany with a mission to make high fashion into everyday wear. He created the brand to push forward extravagant styles that are intertwined with the comfort and convenience of street fashion. As someone who prefers elite brand clothing yet efficient fits, Li continuously searches for a way to combine the two qualities. The Leojeany brand does this through networking events such as New York Fashion Week and, soon, plans to show its face at Milan Fashion Week.

The Leojeany brand shared photos of the event on their social media handles, platforms which they use to spread their style inspirations. Some of the most notable looks from the week featured models in bright, neon colors, which highly resonate with the Leojeany daring and risqué approach. As seen on the Leojeany Instagram, models walked the stage in bright, fuzzy hats, silky tracksuits, and lingerie as casual wear. Li claims to have witnessed a plethora of beautiful makes such as this during the week, particularly remembering a stunning, black-leather finale during one of the shows. The photos on their social media inspire Leojeany fashion followers, who await their new music-catered clothing line. 

Leojeany is a fashion photography and styling company based in Manhattan that offers customized photo sessions, personal style tips, makeup services, and more.

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