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LHUB Empowering Singapore's Workforce with NTUC Learning Hub

NTUC Learning Hub (LHUB) is the largest supplier of ongoing education & training in Singapore. It offers more than 23 programs. The purpose is to improve the employability of working people. Working people include people of all ages. LHUB has backed the initiatives of the Singapore government to upskill employees. It is in order to meet the evolving requirements of companies.

The organization sought the assistance of best-in-class partners. It includes VMware. It is in order to assist job seekers. It is in acquiring industry-relevant skills. It will improve the long-term employability of that person. These types of programs are important for the overall development of students. Let’s discuss about LHUB and its usability in detail:  

LHUB: A Training Hub for Good Employability 

LHUB A Training Hub for Good Employability 

  • LHUB offers over 500 courses. It has over 900 trained trainers on staff. The work of LHUB is centered on transformation. Its purpose is to enable the most valuable asset of Singapore. Human capital is the crucial asset of any organization to realize its full potential.
  • LHUB aspires to provide individuals with the required technology, adaptability, and technical skills. It is to help them to remain competitive & relevant. It’s in an environment that is rapidly digitizing. This goal became even more pressing. There’re a number of Singaporeans out of work when the pandemic forced.

Massive Job Cuts & Poor Prospects 

  • The employment levels in Singapore experienced their greatest decrease in two decades. It is at the start of the epidemic in 2020. Employees in their forties & fifties were the hardest hit. There’re a number of older people. Although the economy has now recovered. 
  • They’re having difficulty finding new jobs as a result of economic restructuring. Jobs are becoming outdated as a result of increased digitalization. A view that senior workers are less tech-savvy. The government launched upskilling in order to help Singaporeans. The job-support activities in 2020 as part of a USD 1 Bn Jobs Growth Incentive program. 
  • It is with a special emphasis on mature workers. It was a natural move for LHUB. It is a social enterprise under the National Trades Union Congress Enterprise Group. It is to serve the workers and government of Singapore. It is by designing its own program.

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SGUnited Skill Program:

  • The SGUnited Skills Program provides courses. These courses are useful to help people gain in-demand & emerging skills across industries. LHUB plays an essential part in helping employees build endurance. 
  • It is to develop their full potential. It is by partnering with the best learning services. The industry experts share industry-relevant skills for long-term employability. These’re the views of Isa Nasser. He is the head of information technology at LHUB.

Closing the Digital Gap through LHUB LISD

  • LHUB ideal content partners were selected based on their dependability. This is due to the diversity of technological competence. VMware had already established itself to be a trusted partner. It is with values that align with both the Singapore government. 
  • It demonstrates their strong commitment to narrowing the digital divide. It is for the disadvantaged communities. It has limited access to digital technologies. Moreover, it is because LHUB was already a VMware Education Reseller Partner.

Digital Competence Across Nation 

  • LHUB launched its SGUnited Skills program. It featured courses on VMware Horizon 7, Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), Kubernetes Foundation & VMware NSX Data Center. It is with VMware Learning as the primary industry supplier.
  • LHUB also created a VMware virtualization. The team has also prepared a loud fundamentals course. It is to enable ICT professionals to learn how to leverage virtualization. You can better manage their company. 

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VMware Virtualization & Cloud Fundamentals Course

  • Mr. Naseer Ahamed is a data center operations executive. He enrolled in the VMware Virtualization and Cloud Fundamentals course to prepare for his company’s server virtualization projects. These LHUB projects are helpful to users.
  • LHUB was able to empower job seekers & businesses. It is by providing access to upskilling opportunities during the epidemic. It also guarantees that they can remain relevant in the face of shifting work demands.

Lifelong Learning at LHUB  

  • LHUB has maintained its mission of assisting Singaporeans while the SGUnited Skills Program terminated in March 2021. The firm is now collaborating with VMware to locate job placements for applicants. It is by utilizing the VMware network & customers.
  • NTUC Learning Hub is very confident in VMware’s content. It’ll continue to monitor the technology landscape. The demands of workers & businesses before releasing more certification courses. These are linked with the number of VMware solutions.
  • It’ll continue to understand the needs of workers before increasing its portfolio of certified courses. It includes businesses in the technology environment & aligns with the various VMware solutions.

How Will This Help You?

Boost Your Employability

Learning in-demand skills is a crucial skill. It includes Personal Improvement, Responsive Skills, Digital Transformation, Digital Health and safety, Technology Skills, and Cybersecurity to prepare yourself for the future.

Gain Certificates

Obtain credentials & add them to your resume as your LinkedIn profile write-up. It is after finishing the courses.

Learn Anywhere & Anytime

Asynchronous bite-sized courses permit users to learn new skills at their own speed.

LHUB Social Enterprise

LearningHub is one of the social businesses of the National Trade Union Congress. The Labour Movement has traveled since 1960. It is alongside the working people of Singapore. Workers are at the heart of what we all do. They’re the face of an ever-changing labor landscape. This Learning Hub will continue to transform our workers to improve their quality of life through learning.


LHUB is a Total Learning Solutions provider. It forms alliances to provide a comprehensive spectrum of appropriate end-to-end training. The LHUB Learning Hub also provides an Experience Platform (LXP). It is a one-stop learning site. It also has a mobile application. It provides timely, bite-sized & quality content to help you upskill. LHUb also functions as a platform for job and skill development for both people and businesses.

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