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Life is unpredictable, no one knows what may happen in the next moment. There are some times when we have to go through the harsh phase of life that is hard to accept. We feel like crying, giving up, and complain about why I have to go through this shit? But what if we tell you that everyone in this world is suffering somehow? We have dedicated this article to all those disheartened, broken people to encourage, inspire and motivate them. Take these difficulties as opportunities to prove and challenge yourself to become even a better version of you. Read our deep and heart-touching quotes in English they will fill you up with fresh energy.


Do you know most of the people in this world are not satisfied with their life? They spend their whole life in crying, cribbing, and grudging. The major reason is the expectations and comparing lives with other people. Remember every coin has two sides and all that glitters is not gold. Everyone’s life is different and has different goals to achieve. Some people have to face health issues, some with relationships, and others with financial issues. That’s how life hit us; the cycle continues one after another. So, you have only two choices either to accept it or complain about it and be a part of the crowd.


When life hits you badly, instead of saying why me; say try me! Look, everything depends on your life state. If you are positive, happy, and know what life is all about; you already know the art of living. To be in a higher life state, you can take some external help. Go for exercising, meditating or counseling, and reading books. It’s about your perception of life. Life is not as complex as we make it. It’s simple; accept or leave. Don’t go for a midway. So, stop regretting your past and worrying about your future. What you have is now, the moment! So, make the most of it, enjoy and create good memories that you can cherish in the future.


We know it’s difficult to say than to do. But trust us, once you take responsibility for your actions; things will start moving around you. And, the same situations you were crying at, you’ll laugh at them. Want to know how life works? Buddha has said; everything that is happening or happened or will happen is the effect of our own causes. Isn’t it amazing? He said we cannot block or control the hard times of our life but we can change our behavior to face those tough situations of life. So be bold and courageous to talk about your struggles. Who knows your struggle may inspire some other soul. So, see the positive side and be thankful for those hard times and hard people that awakened you and made you even stronger.


Moving to the end, Do read and share our best of quotes about life’s so cruel with your nears and dear ones to motivate them to see the beautiful side of life.



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