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General Description


Positive linear voltage regulators of the MC7800 Series are monolithic integrated circuits that are designed as fixed-voltage regulators for a range of applications, including local, on-card regulation. Internal current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe-area compensation are all used in these regulators. They can provide output currents in excess of 1.0 A with proper heatsinking. These devices can be combined with external components to obtain adjustable voltages and currents, while being designed mainly as a fixed voltage regulator. The automotive NCV7800 version of the linear voltage regulator is also available. For packaging method, tolerance and temperature range variations, check the table below.




MC7800 Series Features


  • Internal over temperature, short circuit current limiting protection method
  • Halogen Free and Pb-free devices available
  • 2% and 4% output voltage tolerance provided
  • No need for external components
  • Variable package techniques
  • >1.0A output current offered


MC7815CTG CAD Model







3D Model


Composition and Package Dimension (SMT Gull Wings version, in mm)



MC7815CTG Important Specifications


  • Operating Temperature – 0°C~125°C
  • Max Output Current – 1A
  • Max Supply Voltage – 35V
  • Min Supply Voltage – 17V
  • Nominal Supply Current – 3.5mA
  • Output Configuration – Positive
  • Quiescent Current – 6.5mA
  • Accuracy – 4 %
  • Output Voltage – 115V
  • Min Input Voltage – 17V
  • Dropout Voltage – 2V
  • Min Output Voltage – 15V
  • Nominal Output Voltage15V


Where to Use


The MC7800 series linear voltage regulator can be adapted in many electrical engineering fields where voltage regulation is needed including HVAC, household electronic machines, AC-DC power supply, power adapter, and consumer electronics, etc.

(MC7800 series in HVAC application diagram)


How to Use MC7815CTG



– Current Regulator



A PNP transistor can be used to enhance the current of the MC7800 series. The MJ2955 can deliver up to 5.0 A of electricity. The pass transistor begins to conduct when the resistor R is combined with the PNP’s VBE; this circuit is not short circuit proof. The lowest input/output differential voltage is increased by the pass transistor’s VBE.

– Adjustable Output Regulator


 A short circuit sensing resistor, RSC, and an extra PNP transistor can be added to the circuit in Figure 11 to offer supply safety against short circuits. The three-terminal regulator’s short circuit current must be handled by the current detecting PNP. As a result, a plastic power transistor with a four-ampere rating is required.


User Guidelines

Stresses that exceed those specified in the Maximum Ratings table may harm the device. If any of these restrictions are exceeded, device operation should not be presumed; harm may result, and dependability may suffer.


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About the Manufacturer


On Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) is a company dedicated to lowering energy consumption. It offers a broad spectrum of energy-efficient power, signal management, and logic bespoke solutions. It serves as a world-class supply chain with high dependability, as well as a network of manufacturing facilities, sales, offices, and design centers in important markets across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.



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