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The value of pre-owned Rolex watches has never been higher. Diamond Banc is often able to pay, or loan you the same or more for your Rolex than you originally paid. Rolex is producing far fewer new watches than there is global demand for, thus creating ultra-strong values in popular pre-owned Rolex models, unlike ever before. Market imbalances are generally short lived. Maximize market conditions by selling to Diamond Banc or borrowing against your Rolex today. Visit your local Diamond Banc, or securely ship your watch to our headquarters and receive immediate funding.   

Diamond Banc was founded by a family of jewelers and the company was built on the foundation that clients should be treated with the same respect when they wish to sell their diamond, as they received when they initially purchased it. They have an unmatched communication and followup is incredibly professional and speedy. There isn’t a diamond buyer online or nationwide that can match what they do. Diamond Banc prides themselves on following through on anything they say they will do. All payments are issues promptly and they provide maximum communication throughout the process

Diamond Banc was founded by Mills Menser, a third generation jeweler, looking to simplify the process of selling jewelry. They offer their clients an unrivaled menu of selling options tailored to fit every situation. They buy fine jewelry of all types and can fund transactions within twenty-four hours. Their buying process is secure, simple, and fast. Whether you’re looking to sell a half-carat or a ten ct diamond, a Rolex watch, or a piece of luxury jewelry from designers like Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, David Yurman, Diamond Banc is here for you. 

Diamond Banc works with leading industry experts who have worked on the retail side of jewelry at companies like Tiffany & Co. and Cartier. Their team is diverse with a number of different specialties. Some of their buyers have deep knowledge of Rolex and Patek Philip watches, while others specialize in diamonds or fashion jewelry. Nevertheless, each member of their team is trained to ensure that their clients receive the most when looking to sell their jewelry. They approach the jewelry selling process from a data-driven perspective. Diamond Banc checks every factor that could increase the value of your item into consideration. They are passionate about providing the highest offers to their customers.

There are few different options for their liquidation services, and all of their purchase processes are simple, confidential, and fast. For immediate sales, this option is best for those who want to be paid immediately. Diamond Banc will make you a top industry purchase offer for your fine jewelry, luxury watches, and diamonds. They will fund transactions on the spot..

When you want to maintain ownership, you can borrow against your jewelry. Receive immediate funding and continue to hold ownership. Receive the same amount of proceeds as you would sell. 

For effective consignment, Diamond Banc has an option for those who value a higher return over immediate funding. Your item is marketed to over 20,000 dealers, wholesalers, and retailers. They pay you a preferred return once your item sells. Items that will sell for $10,000+ are eligible.

Diamond Banc’s signature product and what they are best at is providing loans. They offer two primary services: they either will buy jewelry outright or make loans secured by fine jewelry by borrowing against. Most of their transactions are between $5K-$500k and they work with their clients to determine which option, or combination of best suits their needs.

Selling your Rolex for above or at your watch’s market value is a no-brainer, the company is truly committed to their client. Even while the market fluctuates, Diamond Banc is able to provide their clients with the best prices, guaranteed.

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