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Who doesn’t look forward to getting their child enrolled in one of the best schools in the town? Everyone does but finding the best school for your child can be a daunting task as many schools have emerged in recent times. So, here is the list of some top international boarding schools in India where you can get your child enrolled into:

Unison World’s School

Unison World School is one of the top-notch schools across the country. Being an all girls’ residential school, it provides quality education with the finest accommodation facilities to the students from grade 5 to 12. They do not cater to the students under grade 4. They ensure to create amazing opportunities for the girls to achieve the best standards not just academically but overall to learn the best aspects. While preserving the best in Indian and well as International education and culture, the school opts for a student-centric, value-based learning, and education system with a wide range of opportunities for the growth and development of each and every girl student.

Woodstock School

Woodstock School is another amazing school which has touched the lives of young people from different corners of the globe. In this school, you can not only see students across India but also from different parts of the world. Dr. Jonathan Long has a wealth of experience from different walks of life. Before Woodstock, Dr. Long was Principal of Mahindra United World College. The school believes in providing quality education to the children so that they can easily climb the ladder of success.

UWC Mahindra College

UWC Mahindra College is one of the best schools which is providing education to students across the country for many years. They make education a force to unite different people, nations, and cultures for the betterment of society. They promote different values to fulfill their mission. Their values include international and intercultural understanding, a celebration of difference, personal responsibility and integrity,  respect for the environment and a sense of idealism. UWC Mahindra College believes in inculcating these values in the children to make them a responsible citizen.

SelaQui International School

SelaQui International School is often counted as one of the best boarding schools in India. It is located in the village of SelaQui in the Dehradun district and attracts many parents through its amazing values. The school is affiliated to CBSE Board and it is open to both boys and girls from class 5 onwards. Irrespective of religion, caste, and ethnicity, they invite students from every corner of the globe. It boasts a healthy international student’s community and it provides an ideal setting for education in a country setting. The school was founded in the year 2000 and it is managed by Gurukul Trust which is a non-profit charitable organization based in Delhi.

These were some of the top international boarding schools in India where you can enroll your child to ensure he or she gets the quality education that will help them succeed in life. You will come across different schools, but these were some of the best. Check their website to know more about their admission procedure and academics.

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