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The need for specialized degree :

As we all know MBA is not just about studying general management but its more about getting specific knowledge on an area in which your interest lies. If you are clear with your goal in which field you want to pursue MBA in, instead of pursuing general MBA, you can directly go for a dedicated MBA program in whichever field you want.

Many reputed and top MBA institutions provide specialized MBA programs apart from their leading program of PGDM.

The trend toward specialization has sneaked into most fields over the past few decades, but few have incorporated the shift more actively than graduate schools of business. The fraction of business school students enrolled in specialized programs has risen to a great extent as each year, more and more students are registering for a specialized MBA degree.

MBA Specialization

In our country the growth in tourism, hospitality, aviation, finance, retail and other sectors have created demand for specialized MBA, demand for such type of courses is on the rise. Specialized MBA course offers sectoral specialization apart from the traditional functional specialization. A specialized MBA course trains student for the specific levels of business in a sector within the framework of the broad field of business and management. Specified skills and knowledge give the student competitive edge in the job markets.

Specialized MBA curriculums are meant to give a proper aim for your higher education and provide the right initiation for a dedicated career. The sectors in which there is a high requirement for specialist MBA in India are as follow: Retail, Construction, Communication, Rural, Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Banking Finance Insurance. One of the major drawbacks of having a specialized degree is that your knowledge base gets narrow and you will not have much options left to pursue a career.

MBA in Finance and Marketing:

MBA in Finance and Marketing is a complete field which integrates the elements of finance and marketing. The course offers students a stage to build in their perceptive and get an unconventional view of the subject moulding themselves in all aspects. Aspirants are also refined in their skills which is essential to make it big in the domain and future career scenarios.

The program covers the attributes of advertising and Public Relations for Marketing, Budgeting and Auditing for Finance in order to shape in them the required qualities. As the fields of Marketing and Finance are closely connected, gaining an combined perception of the subject only enhances in evolving their career. MBA in Finance and Marketing program also places across a strong foundation for all aspirants who wish to pursue higher studies in the discipline and wish to take up M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs in the field.

The program offers a balanced approach for training students in the required characteristics and skills. MBA in Finance and Marketing course communicates aspirants the understanding of the subject by the means of classroom lectures and preparation in the form of projects, presentations, case studies, and discussions. Candidates in the first year are offered specific subjects comprising Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Operations and IT. In the second year, the course is divided based on specialization selected by deepening their knowledge of the subjection specialization chosen by deepening their knowledge of the subject.

MBA in Finance and Marketing brings into fore the required skills and dimensions, training candidates in myriad attributes. Many institutions offer aspirants in-house placement services wherein reputed firms and businesses participate for hiring talented aspirants. They are employed in Banking, Marketing, Financial Institutions, and IT. The overall aim of the program is developing competence of aspirants in becoming specialized marketers and managers in their employment arena.

MBA in Finance and Marketing: Eligibility

The minimum eligibility norm for MBA in Finance and Marketing are as follow:

  1. Candidates should have passed their B. Com in Finance or Marketing or equivalent examination in the relevant discipline with a minimum total of 50% and above from a recognized university.
  2. Applicants are required to qualify the various state and national level entrance examination such as XAT/ CMAT/ CAT/ ATMA, etc. held for admission for the program.
  3. Few reputed universities and colleges may conduct a personal interview round for selection of candidates for the program.

Colleges offering MBA In Finance And Marketing In India;

  1. AVIT , Tamil Nadu
  2. BK school of Business management Gujrat
  3. Amity Global Business school , Hyderabad
  4. JNT university , Hyderabad
  5. DY Patil school of Management

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