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Live Shopping Goes Mainstream

Live Video shopping has grown in demand and today it is a massive industry. According to various reports Live Shopping is likely to become even more prevalent in the future. The technology offers an interactive experience for brands to promote and sell products in real-time. Buyers can participate in the live shopping show by asking questions while making purchases. This has become a popular way for shoppers to make purchases while properly abiding by health guidelines like social distancing.

Live stream Shopping in China

In China, live streaming shopping was a $70B market in 2019, growing 200% year-over-year. Retailers are selling everything over live stream shopping make-up, clothes, jewelry, cars, houses, and much more.

Here’s an example of how live shopping works:

During a live shopping show Li Jiaqui, known as the “Lipstick King” one of the top KOLs in China showcased lipsticks in real-time. Audiences ask questions in real-time like “How vibrant is the color?” “Does lipstick also moisturize chapped lips?”—and the host Li answers their questions live. To create urgency Li further offered a discount during the show.

This made viewers hooked on the screen and the urgency generated pushed customers to purchase lipsticks. This live shopping show generated 36 million viewers and he sold 15,000 lipsticks in a matter of just five minutes.

Furthermore, Chinese customers spend a notable amount of time consuming videos online using mobile devices. Live shopping is a natural extension of this for the purposes of e-commerce.

Let us know the benefits that live shopping offers to retailers:

Authentic interaction with audiences

The ability of live online videos to add an authentic element to digital communication is one of its vital benefits. Live video shopping allows brands to drop the corporate veil and connect with their buyers in a personalized manner thus enabling them to participate in their brand story in ways that enhance the customer experience.

Reaches a niche audience

When a brand invites an influencer, KOL, or celebrity to talk about their product on a live shopping show, the show is viewed by enthusiastic followers who trust the influencer’s opinion. Engaging in influencer marketing and choosing the right influencers is a way to ensure your brand is promoted to the right set of audiences.

Live chats

With this feature, shoppers can communicate with a host of a live shopping show as they are talking in real-time. This allows brands to know what buyers think of their products or services. Consumers also get answers to their questions or queries sooner than on other platforms, which further leads to customer retention.

Influencer Marketing

Live online shopping can draw people to your brand and convenience them to buy your products, this makes live video shopping a great tool for advertising your game. By working with an influencer, and by selecting influencers who are a good fit for your brand, will give your partnered promotions a sense of authenticity.


Live shopping offers a great opportunity for active customer engagement and retention. Live stream shopping is a real-time viewing experience that suits modern customers who are on the go. Because of this very reason, a number of brands are adding live streaming shopping to their business strategies. They are successfully reaching millennials and Generation Z audiences via live streaming shopping.

Audiences won’t interact and engage if you don’t motivate them first. What makes live online shopping so unique is its ability to offer engagement in real-time. Without engagement, a Live Selling Show can lose much of its appeal as it makes it impossible to create a dialogue that is good for both parties. 

With Livestream, the e-commerce audience feels part of the experience and you gain extremely valuable feedback.

The most significant use of live commerce for marketing teams is that this solution is “right now”. This “in the moment” engagement is the opportunity to capture consumer attention and boost your sales. live shopping platform can be your go-to channel for live video shopping.  And if you are targeting young shoppers, then going live on our platform will bring more exposure to your brand. 

Because of a limited viewing time, FOMO is generated among viewers which can pull them to buy your products in real-time. This is useful when launching a product as an influencer can talk about product features to their audience. It can also be used for a Q&A session with the viewers to answer their questions in real-time.

There are endless possibilities that you can achieve with our live stream shopping platform:

  • Host live shopping shows to showcase your products
  • Go live in your retail store and demonstrate your latest collection
  • Demonstrate how your product functions
  • Create tutorials on how to best use your product
  • Show the making of your product
  • Host an interview with industry experts 
  • Invite an influencer or celebrity to your show
  • Host giveaways and live contests

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