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Solapur’s geographical position has made this city a perfect weekend gateway for the people of both Maharashtra and Karnataka. Situated in the south-eastern part of Maharashtra this city is near the state border with Karnataka. Moreover, it is just 450 km from Mumbai and 623 km from Bengaluru You can refer to North America Travel Places for a family vacation.

This city is famous for its handloom and cotton industry, there are numerous such small, and medium factories are scattered around the city. However, the state and central government’s efforts to promote tourism has made this city a prominent tourist attraction. Thus, if you are visiting this city then opt for car hire Solapur for travelling at your own will rather than depending on public transport.

Places to visit in Solapur

Here are the top 5 sites that you must keep on your list when you are visiting Solapur.

  • Akkalkot Swami Maharaj Temple

Built-in the memory of Shri Samarth Maharaj, this temple is one of the most notable places in Solapur. This temple is a combination of five temples located near each other. It is located 1 hr away from the city.

  • Shri Siddheswar Temple

This famous Shiva temple is situated on the banks of Siddheswar Lake. The location of this temple, paired with its fantastic architecture makes this temple a significant tourist attraction.

Furthermore, a massive fair is organised in January, and it is the perfect time to visit this place.

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  • Great Indian Bird Sanctuary

Another massive attraction of Solapur is this bird sanctuary. Spread over 8100 sq. Km this sanctuary is home to the famous Great Indian Bustard. Filled with lush greenery, this sanctuary is a major attraction for bird lovers and attracts people from all over the country. You can plan for a trip to one of the Romantic Places in Switzerland

  • Solapur fort

This fort is also known as Bhuikot fort. It was built during the reign of Adilshah in the 14the century and later captured by the Mughals. There is also a famous Shiva temple inside the fort.

Moreover, the two primary entrances of the fort are encircled by two beautiful gardens.

  • Pandharpur temple

This temple is a living example of the genius of ancient Indian architecture. It was built in 1196 and houses two Hindu deities Rukmini and Vithal. This temple is regarded as a significant shrine for Vaishnavas in the country.

Apart from these places, you can always visit the handloom factories to see for yourself how sarees and other clothes are created.

Benefits of renting cars

The tourist places in Solapur are not close to each other; therefore, it is better to rent a car to travel to these places. Additionally, renting a car has the following benefits also –

  • Convenience:

It is an important factor while travelling. You want to take your time and visit places at your convenience. Thus, opting for car rental is a good idea.

  • Comfort:

Another major factor behind renting a car while travelling. A comfortable journey from one place to another is mandatory during a vacation.

  • Saves time:

Public transport will move at their schedule, and you cannot do anything if they make stops and waste your time. However, with your rented cars, you have no such troubles, and it saves your time.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip here, then opt for reputed car hire Solapur to travel comfortably without any hassle.

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