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The market is hot! If you’re thinking of selling in 2021, you’ve picked an amazing time to list your home. Demand is high, interest rates are low, and there are many motivated buyers out there. The pandemic has influenced the real estate market, shifting buyers’ must-haves, so let’s look at the features topping the list.


The list of 2021’s hottest home features comes directly from the professionals who know the market best – top real estate agents across the country. HomeLight, a leading real estate referral company, gathered data from more than 1,000 top-selling agents across the nation and compiled them in their spring 2021 survey.


Location, location, location. We’ll start here because it’s about where your home is situated, not how it’s designed or what it features (although those items are important, too). With remote work becoming the norm, more Americans choose to live – and work from home – in areas where they vacation. So, homes near water, mountains, and national parks are highly desirable because they offer the possibility of recreation steps out the door. And when your community is nonexistent, you can choose to live in the lakehouse you’ve always dreamed of or minutes from the ocean.


With the pandemic pushing people to spend more time at home, and restaurant closures ushering in more home cooking, people look for homes with functional kitchens. Homes featuring islands do well, with 64 percent of agents saying they’re the most desired kitchen feature. People are looking for hubs to prepare meals and connect with family working and schooling at home.

Don’t have a kitchen island? Don’t worry! Sixty-two percent of agents say that walk-in pantries are what buyers want in their kitchens. And it makes sense – with people home more, many not commuting, they’re cooking for themselves at higher rates. A walk-in pantry is a perfect way to keep kitchens stocked with staple ingredients.

Finally, if you don’t have an island or a walk-in pantry, but you have plenty of cabinets and drawer space, you can relax. Fifty-seven percent of agents report that buyers are looking for kitchens with ample storage. More storage equals more space for cooking implements, gadgets, and ingredients – perfect for making delicious meals at home!


Remember his and her sinks and vanities? They’re back! With the pandemic pushing people away from spas and into their homes, it makes sense that today’s buyers are looking for luxurious bathrooms at home. And, with all of the extra together time, his and her sinks provide ample opportunity for couples to spread out in the bathroom.

Even if you don’t have the most sought-after features, it’s easy to sell your home as-is without an expensive bathroom renovation because buyers are all about luxurious showerheads. Yep, this is an easy fix and one you can easily do on your own. Swap out your old showerhead with a waterfall fixture, and buyers will feel like they’ve got a spa at the ready! Paired with a shelved linen closet, you’ve got two of the most sought-after bathroom features for today’s buyers.

The great outdoors

2021 buyers want outdoor space for entertaining – with privacy. So if your home sports a screened-in porch or a relaxing patio area, you’re in luck. The number one outdoor feature in the country is a fire pit, according to 54 percent of real estate agents, perfect for cozy gatherings year-round. However, in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region, screened-in porches trump fire pits, according to 59 percent of agents, allowing people to enjoy the outdoors without being attacked by bugs.

Now that you know what features 2021 buyers are looking for, how does your house stack up?

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