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Students are mostly excited for their move to college as it is a new beginning for them. Along with excitement there comes a lot of confusion as they have to pack their whole room and transfer it to their dorm rooms which are much smaller in size. Student moving can be tiring and expensive as well. College is already very expensive and moving makes it more costly. The best national moving companies suggest that Students can follow the low budget packing tips given below to make their move cheap.

Don’t Buy Packing Materials: Moving boxes are one of the most expensive packing materials. Instead of buying new packing boxes, try to arrange them from home appliance retailers, grocery stores, and liquor stores. Pack heavy materials in liquor boxes as they are made of up wood and have handles too. If not for free you can definitely get these boxes at very low prices from these places. In case you don’t get boxes with handles then you can use a box cutter to make these handles yourself. 

Instead of using bubble wrap for delicate materials, you can use socks, sweaters or woollen clothes as paddings for safely packing these items. Party balloons can also be used to fill empty spaces in the boxes. Egg cartons can be used to pack delicate jewellery pieces and other smaller items like USB cables.

Earn Before Spending: Earning before spending is very well said in each and every situation and moving is not an exception either. So while making your moving budget, keep this thing in mind. Sell all your unwanted things. This way you will not only make money but will also get rid of any unwanted stuff and will make space for new things and positive energy.

Avoid Buying New Stuff:  Many a times, in the excitement of going to college, many students buy unnecessary things like clothes, decoration materials, and other appliances. It is very much advisable to not spend money on anything at the time of moving and you should not pre-assume your needs. Take along what you have and buy new things when you will actually need them. It will save you plenty of money as you may not buy many of those items that you were considering in the beginning and also you won’t get an over budgeted move. 

Take Help from Friends and Family: Instead of hiring packing and moving labor, take help from friends and family. Friends and family feel good when they are approached for this type of help, they feel connected and show concern. Plus working with a bunch of cousins will not only be all fun but will be an adventurous experience as well. In the end of the move, you all can have a pizza party.

Talk to Your Roommate About Stuff:Generally students share rooms in dorms so it is a good idea to talk to your room mates for avoiding any duplicate things. You can share some stuffs like clothing iron, hair straightener, entertainment items, and other appliances. This will save a lot of energy and money. 

Being a student, your finances are of great importance to you, to ensure that the moving process does not affect your budget for the entire year, you need to be very sensitive about spending money. By using the above said tips and tricks, you can definitely make an inexpensive and smart move.

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