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Lowrance Hook x dsi fishfinder is a basic fish finder that has released in the year 2016 as the renowned Hook series. This model has been specifically designed as a budget-friendly model that doesn’t come with extravagant features as other expensive models contain.

But in other words, this model comes without any navigational functions. It’s an excellent downscan portable device for kayak and canoe fishing, and it’s able to provide some amazing functionalities for fishing if you have installed a GPS device in your vessel steel fabricators dandenong. Keep reading if you want to know about this amazing Lowrance Hook x sonar fishfinder.

Features and Benefits of Hook 3x

Lowrance Hook x fishfinder w review: It is a portable, affordable hook x fishfinder features, and dependable fish finder. We get deep into the spec to bring you an honest opinion on the whole unit. Compact affordable hook x fishfinder so you can get the best deals for lowrance hook x. Details about this model’s features and benefits will help you to understand what it is and it is perfect for you or not.

  • Lowrance Hook 3x DesignBody Structure:

This fish finder model comes with a compact body where buttons below the screen. It’s a waterproof fishfinder model, and there are no complaints about the durability from long-term users. And, this thing has only expected from the Lowrance fish finders.


The display size of this fish finder 3-inch screen. This screen is a 256-color TFT screen, and it comes with a 320 x 240 display that is perfect for this size. The screen of this model is a little bit smaller than the usual 3.5-inch display like the Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder. Before your purchase decision, you should take those dimensions into account.

It also comes with an LED backlight that can be turned off and using a power button. From all the angles, you can instantly read the screen also in bright light. Moreover, it offers 11 levels of brightness settings for every type of situation.


You can control all the functions of this Lowrance Hook 3x through its buttons. The Center button of the model is a multi-directional keypad. You can flank it by the zoom buttons on the side and pages + power buttons on the opposite side.

Quick Release Bracket:

This Lowrance Hook 3x fish finder also comes with the Quick Release Bracket from that unit can be readily extricated. You can be wholly swiveled or tilt the fish finder on this mount. Also, you can change the viewing angles, and the screen stays visible from all the angles.

  • Lowrance Hook 3x Features


This Lowrance Hook 3x unit has a patented Skimmer that can scan through the traditional 2D Sonar. The model also comes with a built-in temperature sensor that can gauge temperature up to 75 mph. Also, it has a transom mount with the package, which can be attached to the transom. It comes with about 20 feet of wire to hook it up.


Lowrance Hook 3x model offers dual-frequency traditional Sonar scanning for fishing. The transducer of this model is capable of producing 83 kHz and 200 kHz cones simultaneously. The 83 kHz beam of the transducer provides a wide range coverage of 60 degrees, and the 200 kHz beam gives the coverage of 20 degrees. The unit only puts 180W power in the water column. Page button allows you to switch between 83 kHz or 200 kHz frequency views quickly.

Dual-frequency combination gives you more vertical structure views in 20-degree cones. But still, the fish finder scans more area and penetrates deeper because of 83kHz beams. It’s the best fish finder to use in freshwater if you are going for a short time fishing with fiddled with the sensitivity and spotted enough fish arches near our boats.

But this feature is not as clear and accurate as of the CHIRP or DownScan/SideScan. But these technologies are costly, and this model is a cheap option.

ASP (Advanced Signal Processing):

This Hook 3x has an advanced signal processing ability that automatically tunes the settings so that you can use the fish finder right out of the box. When you start using this model, you will know that it’s a handy model. But once you learn about handling the device, then you can change the settings manually. Just make sure to get the experiment with settings to find the best view for yourself.

Fish ID:

Fish ID is an exciting feature of this Lowrance Hook 3x model for the new fishermen. The SideScan and DownScan help you to identify the objects of water. But the traditional SonarSonar only able to show some arcs. Also, this fish id feature is more exact and shows small fish icons in the places where it detects them.


Hook 3x model also comes with the zoom function. It allows you to Zoom into the 4x times original view. On the 3-inch display, this will be helpful for you. But the zooming function is a hassle every time you use it. If you want a big screen, then go and buy another fish finder.


It also comes with a depth alarm function, so once you set the alarm to the maximum depth for a day. The depth alarm will warn you if the water level is shallow or based on that. Also, this feature will ensure that the transducer doesn’t hit any structure of the soft bottom of the water body.

How to Use Hook 3x?

It’s very important to note that this fish finder doesn’t come with the GPS and chart plotter function. But it’s a good option for those who don’t know how to use fish finders and want a cheap alternative. This model is a small unit that contains a screen on the top and a buttons keypad below the screen. You can control the functions of the model by using those buttons. Use the Alarm function to know about the depth of the water.


Lowrance Hook 3x is a better option for the new fishermen. You can use this small model in freshwater, where it can work better. It comes with a huge power according to its size. Lowrance hook x is a esiest fishfinder from the lowrance hook series and the lowrance hook x installation manual works with buttons. This lowrance hook x fishfinder with transducer works excellent.

We hope so that lowrance hook x review will help you to choose your favorite fish finder lowrance hook x dsi fishfinder. Look at the deals for lowrance hook x sonar to stock lowrance model. Hook x unit and accessories information come with the box.

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