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Luxury Car Rental Services in Thailand

Thailand is the most popular and a very well-known tourist destination. It is known for its beautiful islands, culture, architecture, delicious seafood, and the various adventures that it has to offer. Thailand has the ability and power to make people’s trips memorable and worth it by the scenery that is provided in Thailand. People from all over the globe visit Thailand due to which hotels and roads are always packed. 

The high season for visiting Thailand is from December to March. At this time, Thailand is filled with international tourist’s hustle and bustle. With that being said, as Thailand is fully packed due to tourists, the roads are found blocked as well. Due to this reason, traveling in Thailand becomes difficult and exhausting as all the tie is wasted in finding a good economical local transport. This is where the luxury car comes benefiting the tourists. 

Let’s discuss some of the cons and pros of luxury car rental services, known for local as เช่ารถหรู, in Thailand.

Cons of Luxury Car Rental Services in Thailand

Public Transportation or Luxury Car?

If you are someone who is visiting Thailand, Car rental services won’t be worth it. Traveling via car in Thailand becomes extremely difficult with all the packed and congested roads. Public transportation will be the best option for you while traveling in urban areas of Thailand as it is cheap, fast, saves time, and is easily available. On the other hand, renting a luxury car in Thailand is expensive and makes traveling slower due to the immense amount of traffic that is found on roads. 

New in Thailand

Secondly, if you are new in Thailand, it will not be worth it to rent a luxury car as driving for the first time in a tourist and crowded state like Thailand can be dangerous. Though the world has become a globalized village, road maps are provided online that can be followed easily yet still it is great to take necessary measures. 

Accidents in Thailand

Thailand is notorious for road accidents. Roads in Thailand are smooth and well made but some have rough patches and the weather condition of Thailand makes it worse. Environmental factors contribute to these accidents.  

Hassle and traffic on Thailand’s roads can lead to wrong paths or accidents (most probably at night) etc. It is always better not to run into problems yourself. Traffic laws in Thailand are not properly enforced. Hence, it is very important to stay cautious and take precautions. 

Pros of Luxury Car Rental Services in Thailand

 Renting a car in Thailand has its pros as well. For instance, car is an ideal choice for self-drive destinations such as the beautiful Phuket, Pai and Mae Hon Son, Chiang Rai, Mae Salong, and north of the country around Chiang Mai. Renting a luxury car in Thailand is not chaotic, it can be managed if one has the experience of Thailand’s roads and paths. 

Furthermore, it has many other benefits to offer as well: 

Budget Travel

If budget traveling around Thailand is your priority, then renting a luxury car is your best option. You will have to invest money a little out of your budget but it will save a huge amount of money as compared to organized expensive tours that have very limited and restricted services to offer

Easy to Carry Luggage

Self-driving is easier than rushing to hotels and buses with your luggage. Travelling with your luggage can be a hassle if a person does not have their own transport.

Picture Spots

You can stop the car in between while traveling to see the beautiful parts of Thailand that others cannot experience. For instance, beautiful and fresh evergreen parks and sandy beaches that aren’t even the part of organized expensive trips. You can stop wherever you want to and take pictures with your friends and family around the mesmerizing view. Long drives with your loved ones are the best, aren’t they? What can be better than this?  In short, by renting a luxury car you get to experience more!

Car of your Choice

You can rent the car according to your choice and convenience, it can either be manual or automatic. There are various options available at luxury car rental companies, you can pick your favorite luxury car with various services. You can test its comfort and performance before finalizing it. 

Hence, opting for rent a car has its pros and cons. It depends on you that what matters to you the most!

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