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Bedroom Look New

In the typical home, the bedroom is the first place to become overloaded with clutter and the last place to get renovated.

We take this area for granted — probably because we’re usually the only ones who see it.

Studies show that when you fall asleep in a cluttered room, it decreases the quality of sleep you get. Your bedroom doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need keeping up with.

Making your room look new and improved doesn’t need to cost money. No knocking down of walls or replacing your furniture necessary.

With a few magic tricks, your room can be a haven that helps you relax and sleep well. This soothing effect will transfer into the rest of your day.

You’ll quickly realize why your bedroom is the most important room in the house!

1. Start With a Clean-Up

You wouldn’t allow the dishes to pile up in your sink for days, so why let dirty clothes or other clutter mess up your room?

You deserve a clean room where you can rest peacefully. And your brain, via better sleep and less stress, will thank you!

Take an afternoon off to declutter your room. Start one section at a time, slowly going through and deciding what’s a keeper and what you can toss.

Consider these thoughts as you declutter:

  • Do you use it often?
  • Is it special for a reason that is still valid?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Do you benefit from having it?

If you can’t answer yes to any of these questions, consider donating or selling it or throwing it away.

For the “yes” responses, next ask yourself if it needs to be on display or easily accessible, or if you can store it instead.

Anything that you use frequently can store in your drawers or on a shelf. Otherwise, it should find a new home in a bin in your closet or under the bed — out of sight.

2. Freshen Your Walls

You don’t need a brand new room to feel like you have one. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint or some new wallpaper.

If you’re in an apartment building, painting your room might not be possible. Ask your landlord or check your lease for the terms.

Still, it’s not a no-go at all. You can use removable wallpaper to make your walls look painted or patterned.

This technology is an interior designer’s dream. It takes no water or prep work, and it’s easy to remove when you want to move or change your decor scheme.

The paper itself has a removable adhesive on the back. First, pick your pattern. Then line the paper up against the wall, and peel the backing away.

The idea has become so widespread that you can find almost any design, color, picture, or pattern you want in removable wallpaper.

Some of the most popular patterns include:

  • Vintage and contemporary floral
  • Geometric patterns
  • Animal prints
  • Murals
  • Solids

Can’t find one you totally love? You can have a personalized wallpaper print done for you!

3. Accessorize With Color

Pick a focal color, probably the main one in your paint or wallpaper. This is the main shade that you’ll use to decorate your bedroom.

Once you know your focal shade, find complementary colors that go with it. If primary, secondary, and complementary colors make you start stressing — don’t worry!

Use these instructions on using the color wheel when you decorate.

Take your color choices and splurge on some new bed linens for a whole new look!

Don’t forget other accessories, like an area rug and wall art that you enjoy.

4. Let the Light Shine

Most of us don’t appreciate a lot of light in our room when we’re sleeping. In fact, the darker, the better, especially when we’re trying to sleep in.

Sound like you?

Go ahead and get those room darkening blinds for your window. But when you’re not sleeping, light up your room with more than the ceiling bulbs!

Bright lights in our room make us feel happier, according to some studies. That extra brightness may trigger your perception of heat, thus making you more alert.

On the flip side, darker rooms make us more relaxed and less emotional. They’re great to fall asleep in, but if you are trying to be productive or want a fresh look, add some bright lights like:

  • Dimmer lights, on high when you’re awake and lowered when you’re getting ready for bed
  • Brighter pendant lighting matching your color scheme
  • Table lamps
  • Ambient lighting in the form of candles, sconces, or white LED strands

Use some or all these lighting techniques until you’re comfortable with the end results.

5. Move Your Furniture

Sometimes all it takes for a fresh start is to rearrange what’s already there.

If your knee jerk reaction is, “But this is the way it’s always been!” then that’s even more of a reason for a new look!

Before you start randomly shoving heavy furniture this way and that, get a vision in your mind. The goal is to create balance in the room through what you have and what you can add.

First, decide where you can put your bed (the biggest furnishing) that will look balanced. If you aren’t sure, take a break from your redesigning and play a game. Yes, a game.

There are lots of decorating apps that will help you make your decision. Choose one that you can upload a picture of your actual room into. Then play around with their furniture selection until you find some that match your possessions.

When you’re happy with the look, start the moving process — bed first!

Arrange the rest of your furniture around this area. You may have to get rid of unnecessary items if they don’t fit well or cause the room to look off-balance. (But with your handy dandy decorating app, it’ll be easy to find replacements!)


We head to the bedroom to seek rest every night, doesn’t it make sense that it should be one of the nicer rooms?

You don’t have to be a celebrity with millions in your back pocket to redesign your bedroom. A few simple magic tricks are all it takes to make your old things look and feel brand new!

Aaron Hunt is the Property Manager of Prime Place UNL, a student apartment complex near UNL.










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