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Seekit loop

It can be more than maddening when you have moved heaven and earth to find your pets, keys and speakers but there is no sign of any of these things no matter what.

This feeling can be even more annoying when you have to urgently head somewhere, but the one thing you’re unable to locate is your car key.

What you need during this time is something that helps you make your life and finding your valuables easier. What you need is the Panasonic Seekit Loop.

Here is everything you ever need to know about this GPS trackers for keys to find your lost keys easily.”  and how it can prove to be immensely beneficial to you.

What is the Seekit Loop all about?

The Seekit Loop is quite similar to the Seekit Edge in terms of possessing identical hardware and coming with a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. However, the Loop variant is designed keeping key chains in mind. The device gets tagged along with your car keys and other valuables to ensure they are secure and trackable.

In case your belonging disconnects, you are notified about it through an alert on your smartphone.

The features that make the Seekit Loop interesting

With features like bi-directional tracking, last seen location, proximity guidance and separation indicator, the Panasonic Seekit Loop ensures you stay notified about your missing or disconnected possessions all the time. In case your item is stolen, you can find it through the assistance of the Seekit community making by using the Crowd GPS technology feature. If you are in any type of danger, you can send SOS alerts and your GPS location to three near and dear ones by clicking the Seekit multi-purpose button thrice.

Elements that give the Seekit Loop that added edge

In terms of performance, once it is paired with your device, it works efficiently. After it is paired up, you get a map in the app that gives you an idea of the position of the tracker. You also gain the option of buzzing it if you cannot find it. The device’s multi-function button can be used to turn the tracker on or off as well as click selfies and launch SOS alerts.

This key tracker comes in an oval shape and is put together with high quality raw material. This makes it easy to attach your keys to it. It also possesses water resistance that ensures the device does not stop working to its optimum capacity in case it comes in contact with water or any kind of liquid.

The tracker comes with a range of 100 ft and proves to be accurate in open spaces. This assures you of finding your possessions as quickly and accurately as possible.

All said and done, the Seekit Loop is a blessing, especially if you are someone who struggles to locate your valuable items. It provides all-encompassing advantages in terms of quality app support, superior design and a long battery life. The fact that it is brought to you from a reputable and renowned brand only serves as further assurance. So, step ahead and give it a go. It is definitely going to make things simpler and convenient in every way imaginable

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