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Since childhood, we all get excited before fifteen days or months of our birthday. Because, as far as we remember, the Geburtstag is full of surprises, party themes, friends’ day out, and a lot of chocolates. As we grow up, we all become busy and distanced. Birthdays and anniversaries are the only events when the whole family mostly gets the time to mingle and revive the old relationship. That’s why birthday parties and themes are so important, always. But do you think the outsiders gathering and parties with only selfie sessions and chit-chats are not serving the purpose of a family get-together to you? It is possible due to the ‘posting everything on Instagram’ condition of us. Here in this article, we will share some out of the box ideas to celebrate your close one’s birthdays without a social party. But, it will surely be worth-remembering for years. Please scroll below to know the birthday tips.

Birthday Without a Party Ideas

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world is in lockdown since last March 2020. The new year is knocking at the door with the good news of opening borders. Some countries are offering cross-country travel. Where’re some are only allowing to travel inside the country. It can be an incredibly refreshing journey after such a long and tedious, scary quarantine. Pack your bags the day before your birthday and start the trip as early as possible. Decide a destination that suits you because the plan is to wish the person at sharp midnight out insight. So, manage a hotel or camping gear to spend the night. You can pack a small cake or go with beer and instant noodles. But, a birthday wish below the open sky, stars, and family surrounding is something more beautiful than a five-star party full of people that you guys barely know.

Ice skating is another great option for winter born people. Indoor or outdoor ice skating can be a good sport for all. But take all the necessary winter precautions before going out on the ice. Already the situation is scary due to the flu pandemic. Widespread flu, cough, and the common cold can make the situation worse. If you and the family are not living together, then you can arrange for a sleepover. A movie night with homemade dinner, popcorn, and drinks is enough to revitalize the bonding again.

If we are talking about homemade dinner, then the next birthday plan can be being the home chef for a day, especially if it is the birthday of the little family members—Bake a cake, many cookies, and pastries at home. Don’t forget to engage them with adding colours to the dough, decorating with whipped cream, or frosting with sweet icing sugar. The small efforts will make them realize that they are essential in the family. As a result, such kids grow up as mature, efficient,  and responsible citizens.

Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday presents are the most awaited part of the party. For a family party, it’s not much of a surprise. But, you can make the thing beautiful and memorable with a little effort. Use different themes to decorate the home like school, forest, underwater, and fairyland themes. You can arrange clothes for rent to fit the theme. It will give a vibe of a cosplay event, too, which adds more fun. Giving presents is always about showing how much you care, not the money you spend. So, choose something close to the person or they need. It will make the bond more robust and the party more fun.

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