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As we age, our skin needs more attention to look fresh. Many beauty experts will give you numerous tips and tricks related to the care of skin, especially for mature women, some of which are very crucial and prove very effective. Along with the usage and skincare routine, the importance of beauty products can also not be denied. At any age, you can have a gorgeous makeup look and a glowing complexion with the right products.

According to many beauty experts, as we get older, even if we once had normal or oily skin our skin gets drier. Before applying any makeup, make sure you are completely cleaning and moisturising. Fine lines, wrinkles, and roughness are made more noticeable by drier skin. These areas will appear more plump and smoother under makeup when skin is hydrated, so the first rule of makeup preparation is to always begin with an excellent moisturiser.

Whatever your complexion, you’ll need to replenish the natural oils and moisture that are lost with ageing. Rageism Beauty’s Glow Face Oil is specifically made for mature skin. It is packed with rich, natural oils that will feed your skin and restore moisture. Apply straight after cleansing or a warm shower for maximum absorption of the luscious essential oils to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Eyes are often the first thing people see when they look at your face. When applying make up for mature women, skip the bottom lash line when applying mascara and eyeliner. It is an excellent method to make the eyes appear more open. If you were to use a heavy liner, this would make eyes look close up. Brown eyeliner is fantastic for softening makeup looks and is a perfect option for those with aged skin. However, if you find that it doesn’t produce the same results as it formerly did, think about switching to a little lighter eyeliner shade.

For the finest makeup application on older skin of mature women, primers can greatly help to smooth the skin’s surface, as it plays the most important role in covering fine lines and wrinkles. Rageism Beauty’s amazing Illuminating Primer is the first step to a perfect face. It prepares your face for your foundation and is formulated especially for mature skin.

This naturally made product has pomegranate seed extract to enrich and keep your skin feeling soft, and will reflect light and give your skin a natural-looking youthful sheen. The mineral base improves coverage and helps your foundation stay on all day. Designed to even out fine lines, the tinted shade reduces blemishes and balances skin tones, and with moisture, it leaves your skin hydrated, promoting a fresh, healthy look. If you’re short on time you can also blend it with your foundation or wear it by itself to give yourself a just-left-the-spa glow.

For mature skin, Rageism Beauty’s Correcting Concealer is a super light formula that provides excellent coverage. Their All Day Foundation and Illuminating Primer, will disguise age spots, blemishes, and dark circles around the eyes by creating an even skin tone and hiding imperfections. The products are also waterproof and won’t crease or crack. Their All Day Foundation improves the skin’s vitality and tone by smoothing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and dark circles. It also corrects hyper-pigmentation, redness, broken capillaries, and blemishes. It works best with our Illuminating Primer but it can be used on its own if you are looking for quick coverage. Applying foundation in layers is one of the finest makeup application tip for people over 50.

To add more glow, apply Rageism Highlight and Setting Powder. This powder offers the ultimate in a healthy, dewy glow and will become your favourite skin pick-me-up. The neutral shade is designed to lift all complexions and is the perfect finishing touch for all our make-up. We’ve kept the shimmer subtle to suit all women. It’s beautiful to dust over the neck and décolletage as well as the face.

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